TODAY   |  November 30, 2013

Backlash after Mitt Romney’s son helps car crash victims

One of Mitt Romney’s sons says he helped victims of a Thanksgiving car crash but what he did after is drawing some negative attention. NBC’s Joe Fryer reports.

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>>> candidate mitt romney , one of his sons came to the rescue on thanksgiving night after a bad car crash . he helped get the people inside the car to safety but what he did afterwards has brought him some heat. here is joe fryer.

>> reporter: the suv wedged inside this utah was carrying a family of four on thanksgiving night. police say an emergency caused the driver to exit the freeway and enter the occupied house at a high rate of speed. mitt romney posed with a photo of the car was the first on the scene to the accident. he writes i lifted four out to safety. all okay, thankful.

>> it appears the homeowner home at the time and the occupants of the vehicle made it out safely so it's very fortunate.

>> reporter: josh romney son of the mitt romney declined interview requests but his tweet generated strong reactions on social media . god bless you. he made you an angel for those people. still criticism. why are you smiling like a tourist at such a horrific scene, someone asked? of the five romney boys, josh is the middle child and is considered most likely to follow in his dad's political footsteps. the son spoke with nbc news during last year's campaign.

>> the biggest boy in the group?

>> josh.

>> thanks, guys.

>> reporter: following what happened on thanksgiving, one twitter user called the romney's a family of batmen. because in 2003 , josh's dad and another brother helped rescue cap-sized boaters in new hampshire. now another right place, right time story propelled by a single image and the power of social media . for "today," joe fryer, nbc news, los