TODAY   |  November 30, 2013

Police chopper plunges into packed Scottish pub

A pub in Glasgow, Scotland, was packed with the usual Friday night crowd when a police helicopter slammed into the building, creating a chaotic scene. ITN’s Debbie Edward reports.

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>> i'm erica hill . alongside dylan dreyer and andrea canning in for jenna today.

>>> a chopper crashed on a crowded pub on the river bank there. our top story. int debbie, she is live where the chopper went down. what can you tell us?

>> reporter: well, scotland's first minister has described this a black day for scotland. we are coming to terms of what happened here in the center of glasgow last night. a very well-known pub on the banks of the river. last night it was packed with about 120 people listen to go a local band then around about half past 10:00 , a bang and a helicopter came crashing in through the roof. panic, of course, set in and people started running towards the doors as a wall of dust and debris started to engulf them. passing by at that time was a local member of parliament jim murphy .

>> there was just people pouring out of the pub and there was dust seemed to be coming up from nowhere. almost like a human chain and there was people much deeper into the pub and trying to pass injured people out and all you did was grab the person that was given to you and pass them on to the next person.

>> reporter: work has continued here throughout the night. firefighters saying they still believe people are trapped inside there and describing that operation as meticulous and methodical and say it will continue until everything and everyone is safe. meanwhile, we have been told to brace ourselves for the news that the death toll here will rise. only one confirmed death at the moment. 32 people injured. some of them seriously being treated in hospitals around glasg glasgow. some of the relatives of those who don't know what happened to them have started to gather here at the site. i just spoken to one man who believes his father has died inside. he is still waiting for news. at the moment, of course, the investigation will start and throughout the course of today but we want to try to get more information and make sure those still entrapped inside can be rescued.

>> that is priority number one at this point. debbie edward, thank you.

>> i was reading accounts of people inside the dust came from the ceiling and didn't realize what was happening and making jokes about maybe the band is rocking the house