TODAY   |  November 29, 2013

Two ladies get the ambush treatment

No time for turkey comas here! Watch Jill Martin and Louis Licari give two women amazing makeovers.

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tone and undertone. there's only one true match for me. true match from l'oreal.

>>> we're back with a special try day friday edition of our plaza ambush makeover when we pluck two lucky ladies and surprise them with brand new looks.

>> here is our make-over team, contributor and stylist to the stars.

>> here we go.

>> lewis va carry, la la la la. "today" contributor and contributing editor for "people style watch" jill martin.

>> hi.

>> how was it today?

>> the holiday crowds are here, the plaza is jammed, full, easy pick.

>> and freezing, yes.

>> find out our first lucky lady, tonya , she's 46 years old from new york. she became the owner of a doggy day care .

>> oh.

>> you could use her.

>> and recently been focusing her time on that so she was so thrilled when she got to be the center of attention for the day. let's listen to her story.

>> well, you're used to pampering dogs.

>> yes.

>> now it's time for us to pamper you. what do you think of all this.

>> i could not be more excited. i came down to see the "today" show and i'm getting a make-over.

>> one thing on your wish list.

>> i don't know. something different. i'm completely in your hands.

>> lewis loves to hear that. here we go.

>> she's ready.

>> yeah.

>> so her friends, betsy is here and her boyfriend jay. all right, guys, please keep your blindfolds on until we give you the green light . here is tonya before.

>> all right. tonya , let's see the new you.

>> wow.

>> all right.

>> all right. jay, betsy , take off your blindfolds.

>> oh, my god!

>> jay is in shock.

>> tonya , are you ready?

>> yes, i'm ready.

>> turn around sweetie, right behind you.

>> oh, my god! oh, my god!

>> you look awesome.

>> wow. wow.

>> you're right about that.

>> i can't stop looking. oh, my gosh.

>> look right there at camera 12.

>> now that tonya has literally gone to the dogs i wanted to make her life glamorous. arson gave her this great hair haircut. made her hair brown, more modern.

>> jay, what do you think?

>> outrageous.

>> i agree.

>> betsy ?

>> i love it. totally glam.

>> the dogs are going to love it.

>> jill, tell us about the dress.

>> perfect to wear to work, right? she wanted something for the holidays. she picked this dress. a sparkly dress.

>> it is pretty.

>> do you like?

>> i love it.

>> i knew you would.

>> you look gorgeous.

>> tonya , go join your boyfriend and betsy .

>> our second lady is jennifer . she's 49 from georgetown, texas. she's too busy being the mother of three daughters and working full time as an accountant to do anything for herself. so she jumped at the chance to be pampered for a few hours. let's hear her story.

>> okay. well, i think daughters are more excited than mom. what do you think?

>> i think this is awesome. i'm so excited for my mom. i think she really deserves this and i think she's going to look aweso awesome.

>> oh. i think she's flipping out, am i right?

>> i am. it's really exciting. here we are in new york. we came to watch the "today" show and here i am.

>> all right. they are here with, get this, charlotte and isabelle, her -- the daughters, she's with her sister rebecca and niece lila and friends kathie, megan and nicole.

>> everybody is here. so exciting.

>> i know! let's look at the last picture of jennifer before and bring out the new.

>> keep the blindfolds on.

>> wow.

>> all right. you guys, take them off.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> oh.

>> jennifer , you look gorgeous. turn around, sweetie, and have a look.

>> turn around.

>> i love it. oh, my gosh.

>> it's really cute.

>> i love that style.

>> home run , home run .

>> we scored. we scored.

>> lewis , what a great haircut.

>> great haircut. arson. make the hair color , terra cotta color which is very new, modern. warms up her skin color and it was all accented by the makeup.

>> what do you guys think?

>> oh, my gosh.

>> like a different person. oh, my gosh. mom, you're so beautiful.

>> thank you.

>> this dress is for the holidays.

>> this is new buy shani again. the built-in undergarments but we always add spang and we're showing her shoulders. that's the new thing.

>> let's bring tonya out too.