TODAY   |  November 29, 2013

Great gifts to get your girlfriend

TODAY Style Editor Bobbie Thomas presents some innovative holiday gift ideas for the lady in your life, like mitten-shaped moist wipes and cartoon carryalls.

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>>> oh, yes, it's time for bobbie's buzz.

>> from a beauty mask to mittens, we'll get there in a minute, but a lot of products that will make you go hmm.

>> here to share some of those fine items is today's tile editor and author, bobbie thomas.

>> hello. this is a mini version of a hmm segment. first up are two uniphased beauty masks. you may ask yourself why?

>> why.

>> these masks actually come with cell binding glue and a student here at nyu was frustrated, her name was joy lee, with how her girlfriends all wanted to have these like big eyes. she said what about the alternative to plastic surgery being a beauty mask you buy and put on. i have to commend her. she doesn't really sell these. she did this as a school project to get attention and make a statement this is going really far.

>> these seem trendy. these bags.

>> i love this idea. these are called jump from paper. so the two designer girls wanted to see if they could make bags that look like the cartoon version. you can actually fill them. you can fill them with items. they expand. people are posting pictures.

>> that is crazy.

>> so clever.

>> and before we get to the most adorable twin baby girls, these are called smittens. moist wipes in the shape of a glove, they were called something else, but not smittens. they would help you with these.

>> come on in.

>> about to peek right now.

>> oh, my gosh. look at these babies.

>> adaline and isidore ra, modeling these new little headbands. these are called baby hair extensions. they're baby pig tails .

>> i can't even stand it. look at her.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> look at the other baby.

>> baby wigs. they've thought of everything. go to our website to figure out where you can get any of these products.

>> i can't take it. i'm hot and i know it. home run . home run .