TODAY   |  November 29, 2013

Nicollette Sheridan gets in ‘The Christmas Spirit’

The “Desperate Housewives” star and Golden Globe nominee talks about her new role in the Hallmark Channel movie, “The Christmas Spirit,” and about collaborating with her dog Oliver.

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>>> she's best flown as wisteria's lane se duck truss on " desperate housewives " and now nicolette sheridan is taking part in "the christmas spirit " literally.

>> the name of her new movie on the hallmark example. plays a journalist whose ghost tries to help people find the power within.

>> do your own homework. i said back off.

>> good job.

>> and here we go.

>> whoa.

>> yes.

>> i need one of those.

>> yes.

>> wouldn't it be nice to be able to intervene like that?

>> yes.

>> love that.

>> so this is a project you brought to the hallmark, channel, right?

>> it was an idea i had. hallmark was the place for them. i had an experience with them doing "honeymoon for one" a couple years ago. in january we decided we were going to go ahead with this, and it's airing on sunday.

>> so that's really fasttracking.

>> that really is.

>> usually takes much, much longer than that.

>> tell us the concept of this film?

>> okay. well she's a journalist and she had to take some time off because her editor thinks she gets too close to the stories. so she goes back to her hometown to take care of her brother's family because he's been redeployed overseas. so there, she is very protective of this town and this man breezes into town and wants to buy the town and ruin it and change it.

>> hate it when that happens.

>> yes. they get into a car crash and they are in comas, but their spirits are alive and well . so the spirits in the spirit world , they have to learn some lessons in order to come back to the real world as they knew it.

>> oh.

>> make amends of sorts?

>> five days before christmas. to change patterns and behavor and to become better people .

>> wow. you guys shot this quickly, didn't you?

>> three weeks or something.

>> 15s days.

>> 15 days.

>> 15 working days.

>> you're kidding.

>> yes. it's a bit mad doing it that quickly.

>> where did you shoot the movie?

>> in lebanon, ohio.

>> wow.

>> beautiful, charming town.

>> you found a creative way to bring your dog along, didn't you?

>> how did that work out.

>> oliver is the true star of this movie. he is.

>> look how darling he is.

>> he kills every scene.

>> not a trained actor, is he?

>> he is. i told him what to do before the scene and got into my hospital bed and he performed perfectly.

>> he found his marks, did his own actions. couldn't have been better. oh, yes. it's heartwarming.

>> how long have you had oliver, by the way?

>> he just turned 9 while we were in lebanon.

>> he enjoyed the experience? does he have an agent now?

>> no, but i think i should get him an imbd page.

>> he's adorable.

>> a lot of people watching are wondering if you still keep up with the ladies from "the desperate housewives ".

>> i haven't seen those girls for a while.

>> sometimes you run into each other at events.

>> exactly.

>> everybody busy doing their own thing.

>> what's next for you?

>> i've just written a half hour show. this has been a busy year. putting together this christmas story and half hour comedy that i'm very excited about.

>> really?

>> where might we see that? do you know yet?

>> i'm looking for a home for it right now. it's getting a very positive response.

>> congratulations on everything.

>> thank you.

>> too bad we don't have time to play our shakespeare game.

>> ask hoda one question.

>> ask us both. what do you mean, ask hoda?

>> you wanted to play.

>> i've been dieing to play. you said i don't want to play the shakespeare game.

>> okay. which play was this quote from, "lord, what fools you moretalls be?"

>> shoot. we should know that. i'm going to say -- it's wrong but "macbeth" for fun.

>> what is the correct snaen.

>> "mid summer night's dream".

>> went around.

>> last one.

>> dealbreaker. tie breaker.

>> okay. olympia dukakis , which character did she play, was it hamlet, romeo or king lear ?

>> is the segment over? king lear ?

>> yes.

>> hoda is genius.

>> what is the prize?

>> and olympia is in this movie.

>> she's such a sweetheart.

>> plays the white witch .

>> she is a lovely lady.

>> stunning woman.

>> "the christmas spirit " premiers this sunday night on the hallmark channel . very proud of you,