TODAY   |  November 29, 2013

Use up leftovers for breakfast turkey hash

Get rid of all that turkey by using chef Will Gilson’s recipes for a turkey red flannel hash and delicious turkey meatballs.

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>>> wondering how you can turn your cold thanksgiving left overs into something new?

>> we have great ideas for the turkey and potatoes and all the rest.

>> he also happens to be a 13th generation descendent straight off the mayflower.

>> you made that up.

>> do you remember the voyage.

>> i don't remember it.

>> stories have been passed down year to year.

>> a lot of pressure on thanksgiving.

>> and being a chef on thanksgiving but having that heritage there as well.

>> starting with a little breakfast left over.

>> my normal thanksgiving leftover is standing in front of a fringe making myself a sandwich but if you have guests coming over and you have all of this left over turkey , put it into a food processor and --

>> cut this on.

>> just like that.

>> now we have a little bit of our ground, chopped up cooked turkey .

>> that looks good.

>> dark meat and white meat . let's say you have guests hanging out at the house.

>> brunch.

>> everybody waking up now.

>> sure.

>> we're going to start with potatoes.

>> potatoes.

>> it can be anything. it can be whatever you have around the house. it doesn't have to be that strict. a nice hash right here.

>> that's hot.

>> cast iron skillet. everyone has one. probably in the house from your grandmother. probably didn't come over on that boat.

>> might have brought you a skillet from the mayflower which was very generous of her.

>> potatoes, beats, the red flannel hash is the beats go in there and that's what we get that --

>> any vegetable you have going on.

>> go for it.

>> if i burn myself --

>> nice work.

>> look at that.

>> i know, right?

>> so we just mix some of that in there and then a spice i always had on my shelf growing up at my dads house was old bay and i never really understood what it was good for until i started making turkey hash.

>> did they not have it on the mayflower too?

>> i'm sure they did.

>> i grew up on an herb farm and we always had rosemary and margirum.

>> not that kind of herb farm.

>> so we're going to mix this in here. keep that in the oven for maybe about ten minutes on the stove top and then bake it in the oven.

>> the fried egg right on top.

>> that's beautiful.

>> that looks like a beautiful brunch. i love it.

>> let's make turkey meatballs.

>> these look incredible. going with this still on chopped up turkey meat we have here. maybe left over mashed potatoes . maybe yams mashed up here.

>> carrots.

>> and then we're going to mix in a little bit of our turkey into that.

>> okay.

>> all right.

>> let's see, can we get to the actual balls?

>> yeah, we have these formed pattis.

>> this is morning television. you people are sick.

>> we mixed everything together here. a little egg and cheese. whatever cheese you have kicking around the house. and we have the meatballs here.

>> and now we see the slider.

>> rolls from the restaurant. we brought those down here for you. have a little slider with cranberry sauce .

>> let's eat it.

>> get in there.

>> it's almost like it came off the mayflower.

>> nicely done.

>> happy thanksgiving. up next, smile. tips for taking the perfect family photo for the holidays right after this. [ female announcer ] let betty do the measuring and get a