TODAY   |  November 29, 2013

Justin Bieber’s alleged graffiti antics top weekend buzz

USA Today’s Arienne Thompson shares the biggest stories leading into the weekend, such as Justin Bieber’s alleged graffiti of a hotel and Mariah Carey’s family Instagram.

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>>> this morning on your ticket to hollywood, the hottest talk in tinsel town .

>> from justin bieber's art project down under to big numbers at the thanksgiving box office , entertainment writer for usa today has it all covered. good morning, great to see you.

>> good morning.

>> let's start with biebs. he is tagging up walls.

>> this did cannot stay out of trouble. what's new? he is in australia on tour and graffitied a wall he is staying at.

>> that's jenna's move.

>> yeah.

>> but the funny thing is the city is upset about the graffiti but the hotel is happy about it and they have invited other artists to come and put their own graffiti on the wall.

>> do we know what his art looks like?

>> no, don't insult banksy.

>> weird cartoon monsters. really bizarre. he thinks he's so cool but it's really immature.

>> but it's going to stay.

>> the mayor wants it cleaned up. he tweeted bieber and said come clean up your mess but the hotel likes it.

>> we all know about gweneth paltrow but her mom is speaking out.

>> she came out and said stop hating on my gwyneth. she said all people do is sit at their computers. some people are not super big fans of gwyneth paltrow . i don't know why.

>> i always read about it and you hear about it.

>> i think there's this sheen of perfection that's around her and when people think you're perfect, even if you're not, that can be off putting.

>> but probably most celebrities get hate tweets.

>> yeah.

>> most people get them.

>> but she is lovely.

>> she gets it out in the open.

>> that's the thing. hers is pretty blatant.

>> she said i have learned in my life you have to stop worrying about people you don't care about.

>> and she has colorful language.

>> if your family or best friends comes up and says you're doing something i don't like then you listen.

>> that's great advice.

>> let's look at our tweet of the week. you've seen a lot of famous women doing the pixie thing, but now a man.

>> we have a dude with a pixie and it is keith urban . he is known for his flatiron looking bobbed.

>> yeah.

>> he went for the pixie. the jennifer lawrence thing.

>> i'm sure he appreciates that comparison.

>> willie, you have to do it.

>> are you going to get highlights too?

>> if you say so, i will.

>> wow.

>> it looks great. he has a new song as well. a duet with miranda lambert .

>> he's a great singer.

>> now we have thanksgiving plans to talk about. mariah carey and everybody tweeted out pictures.

>> she is super stripped down at home no make up. really cute.

>> very cute.

>> they have the best view in the city.

>> then we have oprah who did her own cooking which is sort of a jaw dropper.

>> we saw her cooking but that didn't mean she didn't have extra staff on the side.

>> i'm going to say she really basted that turkey.

>> oprah cooks. she cooks for stedman all the time.

>> what about josh and fergie.

>> they sent out a cute thanksgiving card.

>> which one is axle?

>> the baby.

>> all right. quickly now, sneak peek at the box office numbers, the hunger games movie keeps going up.

>> it does. it's huge. i loved it.

>> was it good?

>> it's so good.

>> you know, i want to see frozen, though.

>> yeah, yeah.

>> that did really well at the box office . it took in a lot of money. animated films do well obviously and at the holidays. people will go to the movies today and the rest of the weekend.

>> are you going to take them the frozen?

>> you're going to start getting roped into this stuff.

>> soon there will be.

>> every kid movie out.

>> ann thompson, great to see