TODAY   |  November 29, 2013

Turn those leftovers into delicious new meals

Marion, Anthony and Elaina Scotto of New York’s “Fresco by Scotto,” share unique and inventive ways to reuse those Thanksgiving leftovers into completely different dishes, like pumpkin ricotta zeppole and a penne with turkey bolognese.

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>>> moments on ice right here on nbc. coming up next, the scotto family is going to show us how to reinvent our thanksgiving left overs. but first, this is "today" on nbc.

>>> i've been looking forward to this all morning. how to turn your thanksgiving left overs into an entirely new meal.

>> if you can't have thanksgiving with the scotto's, the next best thing is leftovers with them. of the new york restaurant fresco by scotto.

>> good morning.

>> how was thanksgiving in the scotto house.

>> it was great. we worked in the restaurant. it was a wonderful day.

>> did you get to go home and eat yourself?

>> no we ate at the restaurant with our customers and they loved it.

>> which is a good place to eat any day of the year. what are you working on here first of all.

>> this is left overs. so i drizzled with honey.

>> did you have leftover bread?

>> people just pick it up and have a glass of wine.

>> here, sweet potatoes and white potatoes .

>> you mix them?

>> yes.

>> here we put some eggs. so it binds it and some fontina cheese .

>> okay.

>> and best of all is our sausage. we take the sausage out of the casing and we put it right in here.

>> this is going to be yummy.

>> i like where this is going.

>> would you mix it.

>> yeah.

>> okay. and now, here is one that we're bredding and putting it in.

>> it's a croquet now.

>> yes it is. it's going into the olive oil . this is what it looks like and it's delicious.

>> that's the final product.

>> beautiful.

>> do you want to try it?

>> i would love to.

>> the problem is you're dealing with dry turkey. it's the day old turkey. you can't deal with that. you need a little fat. very simple. we're going to cook it down. we're going to let it sweat down. we're going to add tomatoes. we're going to use a little white wine . not read wine. salt and pepper .

>> so you just diced up your vegetables?

>> that's all i did. i have been dicing up the turkey. that's the way it is. let it cook down for 15 to 20 minutes . it's going to look like this. we're going to add the pasta to it. that's what it is going to look like.

>> it's beautiful.

>> it's delicious.

>> what are we finishing in.

>> we're going to take our left over pumpkin puree and we're going to make something.

>> like a doughnut?

>> basically it's fried dough . so we're going to mix it with ricotta.

>> we all have it.

>> not everybody has that.

>> we're going to mix it with flour and sugar and cinnamon and nutmeg. pinch of salt and some eggs. and mom, as you see, is frying them up. the trick is to use very hot oil . 375 degrees. you want to use canola so it doesn't burn. we'll drizzle it with maple syrup and then top it with pecans.

>> oh my gosh.

>> and a little powdered sugar .

>> so it's health food .

>> oh, yeah, very healthy.

>> but this is all stuff i have in my house maybe but that.

>> it's a staple in ours.

>> there's never a bad day in the kitchen with you all. happy thanksgiving.

>> happy thanksgiving everybody.

>> you can find all of