TODAY   |  November 29, 2013

Meet ‘National Dog Show’ winner Jewel!

The winner of the 2013 “National Dog Show,” an American Foxhound named Jewel, joins the TODAY anchors in studio. Co-owner and handler Lisa Miller talks about their win and their next steps moving forward.

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>> this is jewel, an american fox hound that won best in show at the dog show . of course mr. john o hulrey served as host. how are you feeling?

>> great.

>> among all the thankful people, this is the most thankful dog in america right now. seven best in show wins.

>> wow.

>> this is a little bit of history from the hound group , we haven't had one at the national dog show .

>> yes, sir.

>> they're a very rare breed. this is the george washington breed. this is the breed he used to hunt foxes. so like 300 years of history in this dog.

>> you call her a diva tomboy?

>> absolutely. but a winner yesterday nonetheless. 1600 dogs. we witteled it down to here best in show .

>> talk about the moment when you're waiting to hear the announcement of best in show ?

>> i was sitting there wondering could it be us? and it was.

>> i would say of the 12 years we have been doing the show, such a great representation of dogs.

>> we were just talking about what a tradition. you watch the parade, you watch the dog show , you watch football. it has to be cool to be part of the american tradition.

>> it has been fun. we celebrate the things our family loves the best, each other and our dogs.

>> and i want to point out the book --

>> well, this was called the perfect dog. my son asked me a question last year, he said daddy is there a dog that is perfect. so i answered in this poem that ends with the phrase the dog that is perfect is the one next to you and that's how we all feel on the dog show .

>> jewel is pretty perfect. congratulations lisa. john, great job again.