TODAY   |  November 29, 2013

‘Lexus lanes’ have drivers paying more at tolls

States are beginning to create express lanes that allow drivers to get through tolls and gridlock a little faster.

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>> remember yesterday we showed you this incredible video of this massive traffic jam , nothing new really on the 405 in los angeles .

>> looks pretty.

>> we were saying the same thing. they were sitting there for 8 hours.

>> what would you do? what would you pay to get out of that kind of a traffic jam ? this is a question that a growing number of frustrated drives are asking themselves because there's a spread now of express toll lanes around the country where you pay to get out of gridlock for a fee, sometimes as much as 90 cents a mile you can go in a special lane where you get to go faster.

>> yeah.

>> go for it.

>> $100 a mile just to get out of that.

>> but critics are calling it the lexus lane .

>> you take the existing hov lane and if you have one person, if you pay you can ride the hov lane .

>> but is that fair to people that can't afford to pay it?

>> will that get backed up too?

>> what will that do to the other lanes?