TODAY   |  November 29, 2013

Plans for first ‘floating city’ back on course

The Freedom Ship, being referred to as a “floating city,” would be home to 50,000 people on the sea and include an airport, casinos and shopping centers after the company behind it raises the $1 billion needed to begin construction.

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>> well, there is no traffic on the high seas so this next item might have a lot of appeal for people. take a look at the computer generated imagines showing what would be the first floating city and largest vessel ever built. it would be a mile long, 25 stories high. so it's not a cruise ship . more like a city. would house 50,000 people and sail all around the world and have a casino, art gallery , aquarium park, shopping center .

>> with one plumbing system?

>> a mile long?

>> yes. can you imagine 25 stories? but we have all of these cruise ship problems. i know it's not a cruise ship but would it be the same --

>> is it like being trapped on a cruise ship forever if you live there.

>> ? lots of conga lines and stuff like that.

>> you look at the pier lines across the hudson river . those are massive. i can't imagine this thing. it's incredible.

>> i'll never go on a cruise to begin with.

>> really?

>> i don't think i could.

>> the idea of being --

>> that's what everybody says. i'll try it out some day.