TODAY   |  November 29, 2013

Obamacare website deadline looms

The deadline to revamp the broken Obamacare website is high on the president’s priority list, with analysts saying his credibility is on the line. NBC’S Kristen Welker reports.

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>>> the holidays are over and for the obama administration that means it's time to produce results for the health care website. kristen welker has more on that this morning.

>> reporter: tech experts have been working 24/7 to get the site running smoothly for most americans by tomorrow but they're also trying to down play expectations. they say this won't be a magical date or a relaunch. according to analysts, though, the president's credibility is on the line. it's crunch time for the obama administration and with the president's poll numbers at record lows the stakes for vastly improving the health care website by saturday couldn't be higher.

>> they have to come through with a pretty successful completion of a lot of the glitches supposedly they have been working on.

>> reporter: over the past month tech experts made hundreds of improvements decreasing error rates and increasing it's speed and ib insist they're on track to have the website support 50,000 users at one time.

>> if the bear minimum cannot get online it will be a political kacastastrophe.

>> reporter: companies will have to keep enrolling through agents, brokers and ensure rers.

>> we're disappointed in this functionality being delayed for a year but the small business marketplaces aren't up and running in every state so there's no loss in terms of what small businesses have access to.

>> reporter: still the negative headlines put democrats on defense.

>> i'm confident once we get through the difficult, rocky start, it will be a successful program.

>> reporter: republicans pounced with eric cantor writing once again president obama has unilaterally delayed another portion of obama care. the president can rebound but he is running out of time .

>> they have to worry that in the second administration when you're already losing a lot of your influence that everything else doesn't get drowned out by this one subject.

>> reporter: now, if the website doesn't work well by saturday, that could dissuade millions from signing up, especially those young healthy americans that are vital to making sure the law worked. it could be tough to initially determine howell the website is functioning, though, since the administration only releases enrollment figures once a month. kate, back to you.

>> kristen welker at the white