TODAY   |  November 28, 2013

Kellie Pickler counts her blessings every day

Kellie Pickler talks to Al at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade about what she is thankful for. The singer said it’s important to count your blessings every day.

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hey, let's bring in kelly pickler , one of our favorites. happy thanksgiving.

>> happy thanksgiving.

>> well, so this is great. you've got your new single "a little bit gypsy." that's going terrifically. you're going to be on the "frozen" fun float. what does thanksgiving mean to you?

>> we deinitely should count our blessings every day. just with your loved ones and be thankful for the people that you do have in your life.

>> one of the things they just so admire you for, you've done six uso tours and you're going to be embarking on your seventh?

>> i am. we are planning my seventh tour now. and it's always something that we look forward to every year. and we can't wait to get back over there.

>> i know for security reasons you can't say when or where. god bless you.

>> god bless you. thank you so much.

>> happy thanksgiving.

>> happy thanksgiving. the sonic float, that was my first job.

>> really?

>> yeah.

>> what was your first job with sonic?

>> a carhop.

>> oh, at sonic, the burger place.