TODAY   |  November 28, 2013

Michael White shares latkes recipe for Thanksgivukkah

Chef Michael White presents a traditional recipes for latkes.

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>>> back now at 8:49 with "today's" kitchen and the feasting prepared by chef michael white . the turkey cooked amazingly fast. magic of television, done.

>> we're going to make a little bit of gravy now. previously we put the turkey in, roasted. we had all the vegetables on the bottom. that's what helps make this fantastic gravy. these are pan drippings and we have stock that we made with the neck and giblets we had before. the nice roasting juices with flour. about two tablespoons.

>> right on the burner.

>> right on the burner. get all the good drippings put up and what we do is we're cooking, making a roux or a thickening agent with the pan drippings. and at the same time then we will be drizzling a little bit of the chicken stock in here -- pardon me, turkey stock. you see how it washes away. we will bring this to a simmer. pass it through a strainer. and you have gravy.

>> that's your gravy. a think a lot of chatter all the time is talking about how difficult things are and we hear the horror stories. very, very quickly. now, as you know that we have a lot here today because it's the first time in 150 years, something like that? it's going to be quite a long time before we have that again.

>> 79,000, i'm told.

>> we're going to be long gone.

>> right.

>> in this instance, now, we put a little bit of sour cream and we are in the season of pomegranates so we're using pomegranates instead of apple sauce . apple sauce is fine to go with it as well. but to change it up a little bit.

>> potatoes.

>> potatoes.

>> sour cream .

>> sour cream . the real trick to do latkes is making sure that you grate them and you wash them a bit. you don't want to wash all the starch off but dry them well with a towel and roll them up because that's one of the tricks to it. i really, really like all the crispy bits around the outside. these are the good things. and it doesn't get too custardy in the middle. sometimes it gets a little thick.

>> what keeps them from falling apart?

>> there's a little bit of -- we have them here. we have a little bit of egg wash, egg, just a little bit of that. some people puts matzo in. but if you wash the potatoes in lightly and dry them well, you won't have a problem.

>> hand shape them?

>> actually just with a spoon, go right inside and cook them very, very quickly. and then they're really easy to warm up, heat. you put them on a rack and you can do them ahead of time and warm them in 300-degree oven. latkes all afternoon.

>> here's another potato dish.

>> this is potato graten. this is the 4500 calories we were talking about. the great technique is to do the potatoes slice and cooked them a bit before we put them inside so it levels out. instead of putting raw potatoes and cream we do a little bit beforehand and cuts down on the cooking time. you can watch a little more football that way.

>> what's your secret to slicing the bird?

>> always want to go against the grain of the meat.

>> we have a big knife here.

>> if the striations of the meat are this way, you always want to go this way. never go with the grain. it can be very, very tough. just slice easily.

>> get that, willie, when you carve that turkey?

>> do you like the electric carving utensil? you don't, i can tell by your reaction.

>> i hesitate. i was thinking of a story. sometimes one of these -- you hear all of these things. someone tried to catch the electric knife . you can imagine.

>> ow.

>> exactly. if the knife falls, whether it's electric or not, let it fall, and move your feet.

>> you can see the sage coming through. beautiful. beautiful bird