TODAY   |  November 28, 2013

Michael White shares great turkey recipe for Thanksgivukkah

Chef Michael White cooks up a traditional Thanksgiving turkey recipe.

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>>> it is not thanksgiving of course without the bird. if you're panicked about making the perfect turkey , take a deep breath because help is here. michael white executive chef and owner and author of "s classicoe moderno."

>> nice to be here.

>> let's get into this bird. what's your approach?

>> cooking a turkey is not a big a deal. i hear horror stories. listen, you want to make sure the turkey is well thawed out if you don't have a fresh turkey . wash it inside out. here the inside. this is tea. you've got to take this out. you cannot leave this inside. an hour into cooking you're going to start smelling something that's going to taste a bit like paper probably. we're going to leave that here. exactly. this is what you make your stock with. we'll do that a little bit later in the segment. we're going to season inside and out. wash this well. and then we'll do some herbs, that kind of thing.

>> what are you using there?

>> a little bit of bay leaf and thyme. we're going to put butter under the skin. we're always constantly self basting on the outside but this way you're going to get it on the inside. i know this kind of looks weird.

>> but it tastes good.

>> it tastes good. we're going to put sage leaves up underneath here as well.

>> how do you know what to put under the skin and on top?

>> listen, when you're basting you have all the vegetables in the bottom of the pan. we're going to do this quickly. this is -- here we go. we're going to move this inside. instead of putting a roasting rack in the bottom we're going to put vegetables. this is going to help facilitate making the grayvy which we'll talk about later.

>> onion, carrots, celery.

>> season on the outside, black pepper .

>> basic, salt and pepper .

>> you want to be aggressive with seasoning. you can't put too much on. it starts to go to the bottom. and then we're going baste throughout the day, three or four hours. this is a turkey we haven't stuffed. you could stuff the turkey . but sometimes people who stuff the turkey and then put it in the refrigerator and leave it overnight. kind of dangerous. we like to do it -- if you're going to stuff the turkey , do it right before you put it in the oven.

>> we're going to check back with you in a couple of minutes. see you in a second.

>>> carving tips as well, and prepare special treats for hanukkah.