TODAY   |  November 28, 2013

What’s hot in theaters this holiday weekend

From the sequel to “The Hunger Games” to the Oscar-buzzed “The Wolf of Wall Street,” Variety senior editor Ramin Setoodeh previews some must-sees for the long weekend.

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>>> marks the kickoff of the holiday movie scene, two days. senior editor at "variety" is here. let's dig in to some ones we can watch right now beginning with the latest hunger games movie "catching fire."

>> have you seen it yet?

>> i have not. it's on my list. appeals to men and women alike, right?

>> it had the biggest opening in november ever last weekend doing really well. probably going to make about $200 million as of last night. starring jennifer lawrence and it's going to probably open at number one again this weekend at the box office .

>> i imagine so. okay now, for the younger set. my son came home raving about "frozen" yesterday. great reviews, right?

>> it is for younger people. it's based on snow quen of disney animated movie , lots of music, talking snow men and fun for the family.

>> a lot of people talking about a more serious film getting raves from critics.

>> oscar buzz. true story and stars an irish woman who goes on this road trip to find a son that she gave up for adoption. it's a tearjerker. it's really good.

>> it's a true story , as well. a lot of oscar buzz in the film studios getting all ready, rolling out the red carpet for the most part and some of these films opening up in december "the wolf of wall street ." this is the third time they have worked together. this movie is two hours and 59 minutes, you probably want to get a bathroom break before.

>> a snack break while you're at it.

>> exactly. all right. let's talk about christmas day . this is from our sister company universal based on a true story called "lone survivor."

>> it's based on a book and you've covered his story about an a. navy s.e.a.l. expedition in afghanistan which goes horribly long and a great cast.

>> great actors there. also some other oscar worthy films to watch, let's start off with " american hustle ," this is the next david oh russell film.

>> he brings back bradley cooper as an fbi agent and it's about an --

>> and jennifer lawrence .

>> a lot of fbi sting operation . kind of goes wrong. christian bale is in it, as well. another oscar nomination, she's so good in this movie.

>> the crew is back together but more added on with great actors.

>> yeah.

>> exactly. how about this one, you were just telling us abiliout, "mr. banks."

>> it stars emma thomas . the author of " mary poppins ." she's fantastic in this movie. she's won two oscars. tom hanks plays walt disney .

>> blockbuster films and i think a lot of people looking forward to the next installn't of "the hobbit."

>> there's that second -- good.

>> thank you.

>> this is the second hobbit movie, the fifth " lord of the rings " movie by peter jackson . orlando bloom comes back. he went away and now he's back. the fans are excited about that.

>> skip ahead quickly to "anchor man 2," the anticipation is buzzing.

>> will ferrell comes back.

>> they moved up the release date , too.

>> december 18th .

>> they moved it up.

>> the whole cast is back. so is the blazer.

>> lots of cameos in it, as well.

>> great round-up. happy thanksgiving.