TODAY   |  November 28, 2013

More men answering the Butterball Turkey hotline

As more and more men put on the chef’s hat for Thanksgiving, the Butterball Turkey Talk hotline is “manning” up, bringing in new voices to help resolve dinner dilemmas.

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>>> football is the side dish to go along with today's real star, and that is the turkey . if you do have any questions and you reach out to the butterball hot line , you might be surprised by who is on the other end of the line . here's nbc's kevin tibble.

>> folks, the big day is here. if your turkey is still in the freezer, you're in big trouble . but don't panic, talk turkey .

>> butterball turkey talk line, this is r.j.

>> reporter: that's right, men don't just do the carving anymore, this year they're manning the phone lines, taking those frantic calls.

>> don't get paranoid. you're fine.

>> what's a typical male caller say aside from help?

>> first of all, you got to talk them down. you got to talk them off the ledge of turkey crisis. there's really no crisis we can't handle.

>> reporter: for years there's been a helpful female voice to help with those turkey catastrophes. carol miller has been doing it since the early days .

>> since 1984 and i think if you do that math, it's like 29 years. i was a sweet babe then.

>> reporter: butterball says these days 42% of men now play a role in cooking the turkey . but before serving up the advice, the guys here have to show their stuffing at butterball university.

>> teacher, how many different ways are there to cook a turkey ?

>> many, many, many, many, many different way railroads my favorite, of course, is grandma's way, in the oven, golden brown , a work of art. here, everyone has their cooking skills tested, too.

>> i thought the guy was just there to cut the meat.

>> well, there's nothing wrog with being the carver. but many men are actively involved with the food preparations, the actual roasting of the turkey , the five dishes. when change of times is coming.

>> when it comes to turkey , some things never change.

>> isn't that looking great?

>> that's delicious.

>> get your hands off of there.

>> now, that's a thanksgiving tradition.

>> apparent li there's no tasting until dinner time . for "today," nbc news, naperville, illinois.

>> the man himself is joining us in the orange room . r.j., what is the number one question you're getting from our viewers today?

>> we're getting thawing questions. the best method right now is the water method. 30 minutes for every one pound of turkey .

>> cold water ?

>> cold water . recirculate the water every 30 minutes .