TODAY   |  November 28, 2013

Broadway and balloons light up Macy’s parade

Over 3.5 million people are expected to tune into all of the festivities at the 87th annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the event’s executive producer, Amy Kule, shares highlights to look out for.

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>>> let's go back out to matt and savannah at their post at the parade with a preview again.

>> thanks very much. look who has joined us in this beautiful blue coat .

>> thank you very much.

>> dpexecutive producer of the macy's thanksgiving day parade .

>> thanks for being with us once again this year.

>> we're happy to be here. let's just, you know, cut right to the chase.

>> yeah.

>> i see your hair moving a little.

>> it is.

>> a little breezy here today. what's going to happen with these balloons?

>> we don't know. we're going to wait until the new york police department tells us if they're going to fly or not. it seems great. we're optimistic. we're going forward as if everything is okay. i'm feeling good that they're going to be up in the sky.

>> it's truly a game time call.

>> it is.

>> within moments of the start of the parade ?

>> yes. all the balloons are lined up, fully inflated. we've got 15 giant balloons, close to 40 smaller balloons. they were all inflated on the upper west side last night and they look great.

>> i love the balloons but i also love the floats. when we're sitting up here in our broadcast person they come at high level .

>> they do.

>> we have new ones including one which is as active as any float i've seen.

>> the folks at cirque desole lay will be warm. parade is some of its parts. it's got 30 floats, 11 high school and college marching bands , over 00 clo900 clowns. seeing something at every height is important in new york because people are watching it on the street but they're also up in their buildings. there is something for everybody and something at every height. we've got inflatables not only on the sky but on the ground.

>> i don't mean to be balloon obsessed but there are new balloons this year.

>> four brand new balloons. spongebob squarepants . in the past few years he's been jealous about santa getting all media attention so he's put on a santa hat . toothless from "how to train your dragon" is in the parade . and snoopy is going to lead the charge. 37 flight in the thanksgiving day parade .

>> woodstock.

>> bird's-eye view of the parade route.

>> let's say first of all, thanks to all the volunteers and all the people who are going to be marching in this parade , 2 1/ 2 miles in some pretty chilly temperatures.

>> yes.

>> they really pour their hearts out the streets of new york .

>> 9,000 people in this parade . they've been up all night. they were up last night. our bands, sometimes -- sometimes it's the first time they're in new york city and they're performing at 3:00 in the morning. they're trying to understand where they're going and it's not a parade until i hear that first beat period of time parade drum.

>> you try and play a tu ba when it's 28 degrees outside.

>> and run.

>> yeah. thank you so much. happy thanksgiving.