TODAY   |  November 27, 2013

Hot Black Friday toys: Mega Bloks, Barbie playsets

Laurie Schacht, the Toy Insider mom, reveals hot holiday toys worth fighting the Black Friday crowds for, including Mega Bloks and Barbie playsets.

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>> now let the madness begin. thanksgiving day is upon us . that means, family, turkey and shopping. especially for the hottest kids toys out there.

>> to arm you with the deals you need to know about before you head out we enlisted the help of the toy insider mom.

>> good to see you.

>> it's magical when kids wake up christmas morning and santa has left them a pile of toys.

>> yes.

>> but it's great for santa 's helpers to know that there are great black friday deals out there. mega blocks first builders. these are made for toddlers hands. they're easy to put together. easy to stack and take apart. i have three different sets here. we have the unicorn stable. usually 49.99. kohl's will have it 50% off.

>> we have our building bag, it's usually 29.99. target will have it for 50% off. and we have our 100 piece set. it's usually 24.99. toys "r" us will have it for more than 60% off. 9.99.

>> i'm thinking about a 4-year-old in my house that will eat this up if you're watching santa .

>> this is awesome. kids can put batman into the command center and there's also a free app that you can download. so it's more fun and more interactive. it will be at target for $34 and any of these toys you get you can get another one for half price and barbie.

>> love barbie.

>> this is the ultimate beach house party. kids can put this one or two levels. it comes with a pool. it come with the barbecue and the barbie doll . this is usually $70. wall street will have it for 50% off. $35. love it.

>> monster high.

>> everyone loves monster. girls love it. i have three different collections. i have the dance and some from picture day and 13 wishes. target will have all of their monster high toys at buy one get the other 1-half off.

>> how guy this guy. robo raptor.

>> he has 40 different functions and sensors on him that work. he's cool. he's usually 79.99. toys "r" us almost 40% off.

>> everybody wants tablets.

>> everybody does want tablets. this is the 7-s. it's a real android device. it's great for the whole family to use. every feature that kids expect in a tablet but it has powerful parental controls which means parents decide what apps the kids could have and where they go on the internet and set daily time limits. this comes preloaded with '60. it's $149. at toys "r" us if you buy it there you get a free $40 toys "r" us gift card.

>> how about these?

>> these are much cooler than real bugs.

>> no question.

>> so we have our nano. this is part of the high five set. so it's actually five rods and connections. we put a few together. the set itself is usually 39.99. 50% off at toys "r" us and we have our ants. they go in ant-like motions. they have sensors here.

>> look at that.

>> they're usually 9.99. $5 at radio shack . makes it a great stocking stuffer too.

>> what are the ladies working on here?

>> this is our supreme air brush studio. we take our marker and put it in and we have our artist. we have stencils and paper. 50% off atwal mart. $9.97.

>> how quickly do you have to move?

>> some of the deals are starting thursday evening. some of the stores are opening at 6:00 and 8:00. so you do have to move. some have times on them.

>> thank you so much. we have the full list of where to get black friday deals. all of these hot holiday toys on our website.