TODAY   |  November 27, 2013

Meet the finalists for the ‘Kindest Kid’

The four finalists in the Sprout Kindest Kid contest visit TODAY, including Otra, who reads and sings to the elderly, and Anna, who donates her birthday gifts to people in need.

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>> all shapes and sizes and the sprout network is running what it calls the kindest kid contest.

>> they asked to hear from kids across the country doing special things . this morning, we introduce you to the four finalists.

>>> hi, i'm from san jose california and i read to the elderly. when i go to sarah care i read books. i hope with the tables, and i sing songs.

>> when she comes into the room, she smiles and everybody else smiles back at her and you can just see that they love when she comes in.

>> hey, dawn.

>> hey, sweetheart.

>> she is a very sweet little girl . i appreciate her being here. she gives her time to be with us.

>> okay, everybody. i am going to read a poem that i wrote myself.

>> today i went to the park. i fell down.

>> when i read to them, they feel happy and that makes me happy.

>> i'm ann from philadelphia and i give my birthday presents to people in need . i know that getting gifts makes me happy so i wanted to make others happy.

>> my name is ashley and i'm a specialist at the children's hospital of philadelphia. donating her birthday gifts to the hospital here speaks volumes when a kid can take a day that's meant to be about them and make it about other kids in need. she's a really special kid.

>> my next birthday i'm raising money to send one kid to camp.

>> it's called the dragon fly camp and it's the camp for kids that have asthma. it definitely comes from her heart. it's not something we have ever asked her to do. it's just who anna is and she just gets tremendous joy from doing it.

>> i'm from york, pennsylvania and i'm a kind kid because i keep the community clean . when i first saw litter on the street, i had to clean it up because i knew i was the right thing to do.

>> there was one time and this is what started the community clean up and we would drive down the street. there were tons of garbage bags there and he said mommy, we have to clean this up. it's not good for our earth. one day when it was nice in march we cleaned it up and he got 47 bags of litter in one small area.

>> i found a group called the litter critters and we meet once a month to clean up litter. we drive around and find a spot with a lot of trash and we decide to clean up there with the group. we clean up parks. we clean up streets. anywhere that has trash.

>> i'm emma from tucson arizona and i'm a kind kids.

>> she started lock boxes of love because she wanted siblings like her to feel special even when their brother or sister was in the hospital. when, chase, her brother was diagnosed with cancer at 2 1/2. that amped up. he likes to play video games . she's not a video game girl but she'll sit next to him.

>> when we get an application, emma goes into the garage and puts together a set of toys.

>> which one do you think?

>> she puts them in a box and arranges them and we take it to the post office and mail it to the child.

>> this is where we have sent all the boxes of love. here's us. we sent it all the way to the australia.

>> when i see the smiles on people's faces, it makes me feel good.

>> very cute.

>> very cute.

>> how do you pick?

>> they'll leave it up to you folks at home. to vote for your favorite finalists we have a link to today the winner will be sprout's chief kindness officer. he or she will join us next month here on