TODAY   |  November 27, 2013

Martha Stewart shows how to roast turkey in parchment

Thanksgiving in nearly upon us. Fortunately, Martha Stewart is on TODAY to demonstrate a novel way to roast a tasty bird: by wrapping it in parchment.

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>> in today's kitchen with martha on today and some last minute tips to rescue your thanksgiving feast. martha stewart spent tuesday morning fielding thousands of your questions on our twitter and facebook pages. she is back with us this morning with great answers. martha , good morning.

>> so nice to be here.

>> one day to go until thanksgiving. how many people coming to your house.

>> 24.

>> and you're doing all the cooking?

>> i have somebody helping me today but not tomorrow which is the bad day because i'm getting nervous.

>> does anyone dare to come to your house and bring a dish?

>> i beg. i beg my daughter to make dessert. she said, no, you make them better, mom. i'm making turkey and all the fixings but it's so much fun. this say new method of cook a turkey .

>> okay. because 70% of the people that had questions for you wanted the same question.

>> almost 200,000 people sent in questions.

>> brandon asked how do you keep the turkey from drying out. what's the answer?

>> so brandon, this is a very excellent method. it is the parchment wrap turkey . i buttered the turkey . i buttered the parchment and now you wrap the parchment in three pieces -- you wrap the turkey in three pieces of parchment and it's not so hard to do. this is a very neat way to cook a turkey use a staple gun or bulldog clip .

>> would you brine the turkey first.

>> you're not a brine fan?

>> no, i'm not a briner. this is a beautiful fresh killed organically raised turkey and it has a good flavor of its own. if you're buying a frozen turkey , that brine sometimes does help.

>> so the bird is sealed in there.

>> it's sealed in.

>> do you cook it for a different amount of time than you normally do.

>> it's a little less and it kind of steams inside the parchment and then an hour before it's done -- you have to work backwards. this is two and three quarters hours in the parchment at 375. right in a nice pot like this. then you open the parchment and you let it brown for another hour.

>> does it brown like that?

>> yes.

>> that's really what it does.

>> this is it.

>> it's not dry?

>> no. take it out and put it on your serving platter of of course. this is my mother's recipe for mashed potatoes .

>> kyle tweeted what is your secret to mashed potatoes ?

>> well, the secret is the addition -- first of all, yukon gold , these are delicious potatoes. and i like to do it in this mixer but you add heavy cream that's heated or milk, depending on your preference and then mom always added heavy cream and milk, lots of salt and freshly ground black pepper , then butter, like four ounces.

>> everybody is rolling their eyes saying these things will kill you.

>> it doesn't kill you. it doesn't kill you.

>> and then secret cream cheese .

>> this is mom's secret.

>> yes, but you can also add buttermilk if you like but this, taste that -- just take a little taste.

>> a little taste with a huge spoon here.

>> with a big spoon.

>> those are --

>> they're pretty good, right.

>> those are unbelievable. they have a little lumps in there but if you want lumpless use a ricer.

>> you can change the consistency. so 20% of people wanted to know about mashed potatoes . i'll meet you around the back here.

>> now for dessert.

>> 5% wanted to know your secret for a great crust dessert you can serve to the whole family.

>> 24 pieces of slab pie. i like it. it looks pretty. it cuts into beautiful squares like this. this is a pear cranberry crumb slab pie.

>> of course you make your own crust.

>> it's very easy. the crust is just the perfect piecrust and then you add the pears, a little bit of flour to keep the juices from running all over the place, cinnamon, fresh lemon juice , very important. a little bit of sugar and a little bit of salt.

>> you like to cut them in big chunks.

>> yeah, a pear into about 8 or 10 slices.

>> okay.

>> all right. that goes on there. pop it in the oven. perfect thanksgiving curtesy of martha stewart . martha , happy thanksgiving.

>> you too.

>> enjoy the turkey . please cut yourself a big chunk.

>> i will. up next, dr.