TODAY   |  November 27, 2013

Jimmy Fallon delights kids from St. Jude hospital

The late-night talk show host spent a heartwarming day with some of the patients from the children’s hospital, donning a chicken costume to sing songs and playing a game of Russian roulette (with eggs).

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>> speaking of jimmy, i got to sit with me as we met a remarkable group of kids from st. jude 's research hospital. it's a fun event tied to our annual series thanks and giving.

>> reporter: a smile is a precious gift when you're a child with cancer.

>> after you were at st . judes for a little while and they gave you medicine, did you start to feel better?

>> yeah.

>> reporter: happy faces filled the room when patients from st. jude and their families joined marlowe thomas in new york for a special play date with late night funny man jimmy fallon .

>> i'll do bill cosby . we're sitting here at the table with my friend who has got his tie around with his vest buckled up.

>> reporter: it's the day when the laugher is contagious. singing and dancing to rihanna's music.

>> what is your name? you don't know your name?

>> reporter: and making new friends.

>> hey, guys i'm going to get my guitar and come back and sing a song .

>> that would be so great.

>> we'll be right back. good to see you guys. all i need to do is [ chirping ]

>> louder.

>> thank you guys. that was so good. oh, that was so good.

>> why is it so important to have these kids here hanging around with jimmy?

>> having jimmy here playing with them, it gives them a chance to get back to normal life .

>> reporter: all of these kid hearsay to fight for their lives at st. jude . austin had a tough bout with cancer.

>> the chemo takes away your hair.

>> really? what is chemo.

>> it's a thing when you get cancer you have to do.

>> it sounds like an alien or something. my name is chemo. that's not what happens?

>> no.

>> okay. good.

>> austin 's brother found a brain tumor after his motor skills declined so sharply that he was unable to make a fist. months of radiation and chemotherapy followed and now austin is cancer free. still he returns to st. jude for check ups every three months.

>> do you feel like you're getting better?

>> yeah. a lot.

>> let me see you make a fist. other hand. that's what i'm talking about right there. how awesome is that, buddy.

>> despite fighting life threatening illnesses these kids focus on the future. kayla wants jimmy's job to host her own tv show .

>> let's pretend that you're is interviewer and i'm the guest, okay? you go here and marla and i are over here. ready, welcome to the kayla show everybody. all right, kayla . thank you so much. so happy to be your guest today.

>> what is your favorite part about life?

>> getting to meet fun people , like you. hearing good music, dancing and singing and telling.

>> can you dance?

>> yeah i can dance.

>> put some music on.

>> we'll take any excuse to dance.

>> do you want to dance?

>> i like to move it, move it.

>> al can dance too.

>> and then it's time for a quick game of egg russian roulette .

>> here's a dozen eggs. 10 of them are hard boiled . two of them are raw.

>> uh-oh.

>> which means someone is going to have a raw egg cracked on their head. i'll go first. oh, it feels so raw.

>> come on, get ready -- oh, it's hard boiled . you lucked out.

>> okay. you pick an egg and you crack it on my head.

>> take a hard boiled one buddy.

>> oh, no.

>> which one do you want to pick? you crack it on my head. any one.

>> you make people laugh for a living but there must be something kind of great about these little ones laugh and smile today.

>> you see these kids smiling and it's what it's all about. and that's what st. jude 's is about. that's what today was about. making them happy.

>> if it takes a chicken suit.

>> if it takes cracking eggs on your head, a chicken suit, yeah, i'll be there.

>> so cute. marlowe thomas is here. she of course is the outreach director for st. jude . we had a great time.

>> and jimmy, such a sport, isn't he? he had a chicken suit, eggs on his head.

>> you should make him your artist in resident. he has a show coming up but he can find free time .

>> we need him.

>> i think most of us have been down to st. jude and obviously you get jimmy to talk to these kids and i want to mention this is what the staff down there does every day and all the volunteers down there. it means so much to these children.

>> absolutely. well, you know, these kids are sick but they're also kids. so we go out of our way -- we have an ice cream parlor . we have dances. we went to a pa i can't ma party y -- pajama party you and i.

>> no, no.

>> well, you know, we're dealing with life and death . it's serious stuff and our scientists and doctors are very serious but we know that a child is still a child. so we have to -- we make it fun. they're excited to come every day and it's the philosophy of my father. laugher is everything. laughter is the best medicine. laughter built the place.

>> you mention the scientists. there's cutting edge research going on at st. jude 's.

>> yeah and it costs a lot of money. that's what we're doing on the "today" show. that's what we're doing all over the country all yearlong and thanks and giving is all about raising money. one of the interesting thing about us is there's no bureaucracy at st. jude . we don't bill. so we don't spend a lot of money on billing and because everybody gets everything for free. the travel and the housing and the food and science of course and treatment. so all of that is for free so we can take the money and take the time for the effort of saving the child.

>> you do a great, great job. great work down there marlowe . it's great to have you here. i'll pass out the eggs in the commercial break.

>> we want to know what you are thankful for this holiday season . tweet us and use the #why i'm thankful.

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