TODAY   |  November 27, 2013

Toddler painting or modern masterpiece? Anchors guess

Is it finger painting or a priceless piece of art? Sometimes it can be hard to tell, and TODAY’s as Matt, Al and Savannah find out when Willie Geist puts them to the test.

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>> is testing our knowledge about modern art . some people scoff at its abstract style. that got us thinking could you tell the difference. pro or a preschooler.

>> okay. let's begin. guesses, please.

>> priceless art.

>> preschooler.

>> oh.

>> that's straight up finger painting right there.

>> number two, let's take a look here. trust me it's going to be amazing.

>> priceless art.

>> preschooler.

>> priceless art. that's called untitled. our third, you're doing okay. let's see our third work of art now.

>> preschooler.

>> priceless.

>> i'm going preschooler on this one.

>> it is, in fact, preschooler.

>> 0 for 3.

>> you're not doing well savannah.

>> let's see our next one please. number four.

>> pro or preschooler?

>> pro.

>> preschooler.

>> with a great future, though.

>> okay.

>> last one, let's take a look. pro or preschooler.

>> this is pro.

>> really?

>> yes, you go into those art galleries and sometimes you don't know.

>> i just feel like i should know.

>> and clearly you don't.

>> i thought you would do better. you have a couple of velvet elvis on your