TODAY   |  November 27, 2013

Teacher posts viral photo to teach lessons on privacy

To teach her students what happens when photos are posted on the Internet, a fifth-grade teacher posted her own photo on Facebook and asked people to like and share the image. Result: The photo went viral and, with the aid of image editing, spawned a meme.

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>> another lesson, we have done a lot of stories about this. parents warning the teens about internet safety . well, one teacher decided to try and do show and tell. she posted a photo on facebook and wrote i'm talking to my 5th grade students about internet safely and how quickly a photo can be seen by lot of people. please click like. that photo now has nearly 1 million likes and check this out, photo shop wizards have helped her show how a photo can be altered in all kinds of busine bizarre ways.

>> don't put any picture of yourself online?

>> i guess or don't think anything you put online isn't going to be coming back to haunt you later.