TODAY   |  November 27, 2013

New Jersey may ban snacking behind the wheel

A New Jersey law would ban such activities as snacking and putting on makeup while driving under a bill that has been advanced in the state’s assembly.

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>>> what's trending today. we have all seen drivers on the road doing crazy things behind the wheel. anything jump out at anybody? i've seen full meals? on the dashboard.

>> cob salad.

>> yeah.

>> i have seen people reading books.

>> i've seen that too.

>> anyway, new jersey is now considering a major crack down. a proposed law would fine drivers for all different kiensd of distracting driving. we're not talking about texting. that's already banned. you could be fined for snacking, smoking or putting on your make up behind the wheel.

>> guilty.

>> you have done that?

>> make-up?

>> there was a day when i would have done all three behind the wheel.

>> a ham sandwich and mascara.

>> one critic is calling this proposal too big. he says drivers could be fined for talking to their dogs, scolding their children. we have all seen that happen. don't make me stop this car.

>> absolutely.

>> or even gazing at christmas decorations too long. a penalty for the first offense would be $200.

>> well, if people think about what distracks them, maybe it's done it's work already.

>> just changing the radio.