TODAY   |  November 27, 2013

Bad weather conditions will hamper road travel

Ice and snow on the roads are creating hazardous conditions for travelers driving home for the holidays. NBC’s Dylan Dreyer reports from the roads.

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>> treacherous weather causing monumental gridlock for travelers at airports, train stations and highways. dylan dreyer has the view this morning. dylan , good morning, where are you?

>> good morning, natalie. yeah, you know, i wouldn't know that it's the first day before thanksgiving here but we are just south of the delaware border in perryville, maryland and so far so good. it's a little misty and slow going when the heavier rain picks up. but it's pouring. we're actually doing okay right now. granted it is slow. but when it's just rain, you can get from point a to b just in a longer period of time. if this was snow, natalie, i think there would be a lot more people stranded. so kind of the silver lining here as you travel north on 95.

>> you've had a rough week of travel. get home safety. we'll see you here in studio tomorrow, dylan . and it