TODAY   |  November 27, 2013

6 ways to stay safe (and sane) on your holiday drive

TODAY investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen is hitting the road for Thanksgiving along with 39 million other Americans, and he demonstrates some tips to help you stay safe while navigating traffic and stormy weather.

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>>> a live look at philadelphia. a lot of holiday congestion made no better by the weather. so we have got a last minute survival guide for the long holiday car trip. this monster storm is effecting 39 million americans out on the highway. jeff rossen is here with tips. what should we do before we head out?

>> the first thing you should do is get an umbrella. that's a very pretty hat, by the way. i got rid of the umbrella so i can show you a couple of things. we have been talking to a lot of experts. check your windshield wipers. you know how annoying that is? a lot of americans waking up to snow and ice this morning. you can buy this for a couple of dollars. a little can of deicer. it even comes with an ice pick so you can do that. the other thing you should do, open up your hood and even i can do this. you buy this deicer fluid and look for this special thing about deep freeze protection.

>> okay.

>> that way you pour it in and you can spray as you drive.

>> so it actually has the desieser in it?

>> exactly.

>> safety on the roads. people wonder do i have to carey the jumper cables and all of that stuff?

>> you have to. you don't know exactly what to buy when you go to one of these stores. we bought this for $25 at an auto supply store. that's pretty cheap. the deicer fluid and tire sealant as well and you also have batteries in here too.

>> $25 for that.

>> $25 for all of this. one stop shopping .

>> surviving your own family. you're taking a long trip.

>> i am. i'm going to maryland with my family. three kids in the car and my wife. so it's going to be difficult but what you want to do is get the ipads charged up, get the iphone charged up but you don't want everyone fighting for one cigarette lighter. this is mine. i use this. you plug this into the wall. costs about 60 dollars at any electronics store. you can charge anything up with this battery operated.

>> plant the kid in front of the ipad or whatever.

>> not great parenting trips.

>> for 3 hours it will be okay.

>> this is a solar paddle and solar charger . it's called juice orange. you don't need a lot of sunlight, just a little bit.

>> i have like 20 seconds. what about these blankets and snacks.

>> blankets in case you're stuck on the side of the road . flares as well. one another tip, you don't want a lot of bathroom stops. don't give your kids salty foods like pretzels and potato chips . makes you drink more water and more bathroom stops. cheese sticks, granola bars.

>> protein.

>> can you explain how your hair looks this good in the driving rain?

>> not real.

>> thank you very much. appreciate