TODAY   |  November 27, 2013

Black Friday deals may not be steals of the year

Consumers are already camped out at their favorite shopping centers for Black Friday but, as NBC’s Joe Fryer reports, some of the doorbusters and deep discounts may not be the best you can get.

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>>> in the meantime, the big black friday deals have some people lining up already but are the bargains less than they're cracked up to be? joe is in los angeles this morning. hi, joe.

>> reporter: good morning, matt. the sale here doesn't start until 6:00 p.m . on thursday but already folks are camped out. seven tents at this location. the guy at the front of the line has been here since sunday. everyone here is planning on getting great deals. the question that some might be wondering, is it worth the wait.

>> there's damages that seem to define black friday. deals are dubbed door busters but this morning the quite before the crazy was some shoppers already counting out for days.

>> a couple of years i have been getting tvs. this year i'm going to get a laptop and microwave also.

>> reporter: aside from the big deals, retail analysts say black friday bargains are not always the steals of the year.

>> those items advertised on page six, seven, eight, those might be advantage deals and you should question whether it's worth losing sleep to get in line.

>> reporter: matthew says macy's is promoting a jacket for 79.99 but sold the same product for the same price during his veteran's day sale. target is advertising a mixer for $199 this friday but earlier this month it was $15 cheaper. in response macy's says it has compelling promotions throughout the year and target says prices fluctuate to reflect the constantly changing marketplace online and in stores. bottom line , holiday sales are starting earlier.

>> they fear if they wait on the sidelines they'll be facing shoppers that already spent their entire christmas budgets at their competitors.

>> reporter: amazon's black friday deals are already available. and we spoke with plenty of shoppers and experts who say that you can still find plenty of good deals this thursday and friday and expect to see great bargains promoted all the way up until christmas. the best advice, shop around and compare. savannah.

>> all right. thank you so much. and true believers in line there. that is for