Lindsey Vonn

TODAY   |  November 27, 2013

Lindsey Vonn: ‘All I can do is stay positive’

Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn goes into detail about the recent accident that tore the ACL ligament in her knee, and says that while she still has intentions to compete in Sochi, she is not completely sure she will be able to perform at her best.

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>> let's begin this half hour with our countdown to sochi . lindsey vonn was in the middle of a brutal crash when she suffered another crash in colorado last week. how is she feeling? lindsey is with us from vail where she is recovering. how's it going.

>> hey, matt. how's it going.

>> it's going fine. we haven't heard a lot about what happened during that training run in colorado. take us through the fall. what happened?

>> i was training downhill. it was kind of a tricky course. there was a compression turn. it was breaking up because there was a lot of guys training on the course with me. and my ski tracked out and i caught my edge and flipped over my skis and went head first into the fence.

>> is this a case lindsey or was this a case where your knee gave out causing the fall or the fall caused your knee to give out.

>> no. the fall caused my knee to give out. if i hadn't of had my brace on i wouldn't have had anything left in my knee. it was one of those things that sometimes happens. unfortunately it was really bad timing for me. but, you know, i'm still confident. i still feel like i have a lot left to achieve this season. i just have to take it day by day right now. but i still have time for sochi .

>> according to the statement released by your representative it's a partial tear of the acl. i could go to work and hobble around but i work in tv studio . you work on a ski slope . can you put the kind of pressure on that knee that you'll need to to train and make it to sochi .

>> to be honest, i don't know. i have been doing rehab and i have been progressing every day but the next couple of days i'm going to start to get on snow here at vail and see how it feels and hopefully get a couple of days of training before i head up to canada. if things go well i'll be racing next week. if they don't, then i'm going to have to reassess and kind of see where i stand and if i can, you know, make a come back for this season. but i'm feeling good, you know. i feel stable. i put some weight on it yesterday as far as, you know, doing some weighted balance exercises and, you know, doing some kwauts and things like that and it felt really good. i'm very hopeful but like i said, i really don't know until i get on snow.

>> you know, i'm not an elite athlete so i don't understand this. take me through this. you say you were able to put weight on it doing squats yesterday and you think you can make the jump from that to racing again in canada next weekend?

>> once i get on snow and if i feel stable, i don't need training. i have been training here at vail for the last three weeks. so i'm ready to go. i just need to feel stable when i'm on my skis. it's one thing -- it's one thing to feel stable while you're doing squats. it's another to feel stable while you're actually racing at 90 miles per hour. so there definitely is a long ways to go there but i'm confident that it's going to be okay. at this point that's all i can do is stay positive. i'm kind of out of options at this point. i'm hoping that it's going to be stable and i'm hoping i can continue racing.

>> we hear people often talk about you and the fact that you're fearless and you really push yourself lindsey . you have always done that. is it possible because of all the pressure with the olympics pushing yourself too hard this time.

>> i don't think so. i was skiing really fast and confident. i was very strong. i don't think i was pushing myself too hard. it was just a fluke accident. that's the risk you take when you're going 80 or 90 miles per hour down a mountain. that's just part of the job . but i pick myself back up and i'm trying as hard as i can to keep going. i'm working as hard as i can. so just fingers crossed that i can be racing next week because i worked so hard all summer to get back to this point and i just want to get back in the starting gate .

>> look, i don't think it's smart to bet against you. i think i've lost money doing that in the past.

>> yes. don't.

>> so i'm just going to tell you that we are pulling for you. best of luck. but please be careful.

>> i'm trying. i'm trying.

>> all right, lindsey . thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it.

>> careful and skiing in the olympics.

>> even after these injuries she can get on skis, go out over those skis, go 90 miles per hour without fear knowing she has a gimpy knee there.

>> that's what separates her from the rest of us. my back hurts. i'm out.

>> what i like is how she fired that warning shot