TODAY   |  November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving storms cause travel delays

NBC’s Tom Costello reports from the Pittsburgh International Airport, where travelers are stuck in line due to the inclement holiday weather. The holiday rush on the roads is no better, with ice and snow causing slowdowns.

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>> when you speak of travel, it's no picnic at the airports either. tom costello made his way to snowy pittsburgh this morning. tom, good morning to you.

>> hi guys, good morning. 100 flight cancellations so far as we speak. we had more than 300 yesterday. hundreds more delays. really all over the eastern half of the country it's been a very rough start to this travel week. when i saw this long line at the pittsburgh airport , i used my phone to shoot video. talk about discouraging.

>> well, it's been manageable but it's pretty intimidating.

>> reporter: flying into pittsburgh from atlanta it looked more like christmas than thanksgiving with the entire city putting down a coat of salt and sand.

>> i was expecting some of the snow. you know, i didn't expect this much at one time.

>> reporter: from pittsburgh to charlotte and up the east coast .

>> look at all the moisture. all the rain that extends from washington d.c. southward.

>> reporter: the entire eastern seaboard has gotten sheets of heavy, cold rain. in some areas, ice. near roanoke, slow going for gene park .

>> got over the mountains anyway and i'm glad for that.

>> reporter: while further north in new york veteran state troopers say the holiday rush and heavy rain are a familiar dangerous combination.

>> that's mostly what we get in this type of weather. we get tons of accidents. rear end accidents.

>> reporter: it's all lead to amtrak gridlock. our own hoda kotb took this photo. every train out of pen station delayed. meanwhile in new york the folks in buffalo are expecting the big stuff.

>> we love the weather in buffalo. fine with us.

>> reporter: the proper attitude on the busiest travel day of thanksgiving. so they'll need that good attitude. expecting up to a foot or so in parts of western new york and of course pennsylvania. we have here maybe an inch or two. we love this flight aware misery map. this new application that flight aware has. it gives you in real time delays and cancellations. new york city is the real choke point with real red. in other words, delays and cancellations extended into destroy and atlanta both ways. that's a great app if you want to see where your experiencing real delays and cancellations. guys, back to you.

>> it's never good when you