TODAY   |  November 26, 2013

How to stock your bar cart like KLG and Hoda

Eddie Ross of Better Homes and Gardens  shows the Fourth Hour ladies some tricks of the trade when it comes to stocking a bar cart, like having the right glassware.

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>>> as you know, we have wanted a bar on this show for a long time. when the studio went through the renovation, they found one.

>> we finally got one. let's not get carried it way. it's a bar cart.

>> well, they happen to be a big trend right now.

>> here to make sure it's stocked with all of the essentials. it's eddie ross.

>> how are you?

>> how's everything?

>> it's going well, and we are starting here with this awesome cart. but, first, we have martinis.

>> dirty.

>> made for you.

>> and the olive.

>> sylvie .

>> come on.

>> we're going to bring in our french speaker for this.

>> do you like?

>> here, sylvie , you try that.

>> tell us in french what you think of it, please.

>> this is awkward. delicious. a little strong for the morning though.

>> here, baby.

>> not bad, sylvie .

>> all righty. this is pretty.

>> what should we have on our bar cart.

>> on the bar cart here, gin, vodka, rum, whisky. everything you need. if you decan't ikadecant it, make sure you have tags. here we have a good mix of new and old. you need all the bar tools. of course, a great ice bucket.

>> what bar tools? what do you mean?

>> we have a strainer, we have a martini shaker here. your little jigger. your little bottle opener. a little bar tool for cutting lemon/lime.

>> look at these little straws, the metal ones.

>> is that what they are?

>> yes, metal ones.

>> you want to make your bar cart as accessible for your guests.

>> right.

>> make sure that everything is there for them. here we have little bowls that i love that are $4 and they're great for little lemons, limes. it's a good mix of vintage and new. here i was antiquing this weekend. i found this decanter for $3.99 at the goodwill in connecticut.

>> good shopper you are.

>> all the mix of metals, copper, gold, silver.

>> be brave.

>> be brave.

>> not matchy matchy.

>> not matchy matchy. you can find things from the high end retailers all the way to target now. here if you don't have, you know, floor space for a bar cart, a little bar tray is great. here, this is from d gallery. here you can put it out. we have it set up as a mimosa bar.

>> everybody can help themselves.

>> you can enjoy your party and let the guests help you out, too.

>> some of them are heavy handed.

>> you have to make sure you have extra stashed away to replenish. a little bowl for nuts, lemons, limes. paper cocktail napkins are just as good as linen.