TODAY   |  November 26, 2013

KLG, Hoda hail ‘Entertainer of the Year’ Sandra Bullock

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb talk about the hot topics of the day, and reveal Sandra Bullock being named Entertainer of the Year by Entertainment Weekly.

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>> announcer: and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza .

>> hello, everybody. i've got hodie laughing already.

>> yes, you do.

>> it's booze day tuesday. november 26th . we're delighted you're here. we're delighted rick springfield is here.

>> i like when he's here.

>> the adorable, hussy guy. matthew hussy is with us answering your relationship questions. we have a guest, a very, very prestigious peresian is in our midst.

>> siylvie is here.

>> we want to welcome her. we like hearing her speak.

>> we're not in paris. on the armed forces network we might be.

>> on the web.

>> so my mom, my brother, his wife and two kids are all coming to see me for thanksgiving. they are getting on a train here this afternoon.

>> they're going to beat the bad weather .

>> the bad weather is blanketing the east coast and a lot of other states have gone through. there are airport delays and all the rest.

>> i spoke to my mom this morning. it was already raining really bad. i'm glad they're not flying. that train is pretty effective, you know? nice and safe. you never leaving the ground if you know what i mean .

>> i opened up my fridge with a hefty bag and started dumping stuff that had expired.

>> not since the ice age have you done it before.

>> there was stuff in there from the last -- few things from the last thanksgiving. don't act like it's not in your fridge too sometimes.

>> are you kid --

>> little -- not like -- not like food in containers.

>> is there some turkey in there, 1-year-old turkey.

>> we bought some other stuff, sauces. oh, that must have been from -- and i opened up the spice cabinet.

>> yeah.

>> lots of stuff is there. i was like, what -- not just spices but crackers that were opened from god knows when.

>> you put your shoes in there, don't you? you use your kitchen for other things like bobbi thomas comes.

>> when they come i clean.

>> that's good.

>> wow, my apartment looks awesome.

>> can you imagine how horrible holidays would be if you couldn't stand your family?

>> oh, god.

>> that's the case for a lot of people.

>> yeah. yeah.

>> couldn't stand them.

>> i know. you know what, this is interesting. you brought up something interesting about how sometimes kids and their parents get separated when they're having a meal together.

>> right. yeah. after church on sunday we went to a little restaurant that we love. it's actually the restaurant where cody and kathy went as little people to learn how to behave. i remember watching them play. cody had his gi joe guys and kathy would have her barbies. at the end of lunch cody 's guys would be dead and kathy 's people would be matched up and be in love. they were in their own creative world. i was at a lovely, lovely -- two families having lunch as well. i saw something that i've never, ever seen before. it was every child had on headphones and their own ipad through the entire lunch. the food came and they ate with this.

>> with the headphones on?

>> yeah. i -- i'm not judging at all what the parents are doing, i just thought -- i remember thinking, oh, my gosh, how life has changed so much. and i treasure those lunches i had with my kids where they would talk and i didn't lose -- you lose them so soon anyway. i think places like college, boyfriends, cars and things. i want to hold my kids as close as long as i can.

>> right. right.

>> i understand why it's great for the parents because then they can talk and chat and fun for the kids, they don't have to --

>> i think it should be -- it's not -- like i get why sometimes parents need quiet time and they want their child to do their thing. i think once the food is served, the headphones should come off, ipads down, you should have conversation. but i do think there's something weird that's happening. you can see with kids and ipads and headphones and even i'm sorry even grownups with headphones, you walk down and i feel so sorry for flight attendants . would you like something to drink? what? what?

>> everybody is in their own little world. it's something we can control. the world is just such a mess and everything is going down the toy toy. you want to control one little -- one piece of the earth, one piece of the nether world .

>> you walk down the street and someone is listening to music and they knock into you. i bumped into someone and said i'm sorry. they're so lost, they didn't know that i hit them accidentally.

>> like that girl on the basketball court . whoosh. yeah, i don't know. i would love to hear how you feel about it. i'm not judging, i'm saying this is how much -- we had a segment on a couple years ago where we talked about we now live in what's called a post modern society. for the first time ever in the history of civilization, we are more comfortable with technology than we are with other human beings . i think that's ultimately a dangerous think thing.

>> you see it in how kids are dating. now it's a text and a text and a text and an e-mail. then when you finally get the phone call , the real contact, even that's a big deal .

>> they don't know how to actually talk to each other when they go on a date?

>> i don't know. i don't know.

>> anyway, boy, am i old. anyway, yesterday, you want to feel grateful. first of all, the thing i don't see enough people doing before meals is saying a prayer of gratitude. i know you like crazy people , but i think it's so important to realize where all our blessings are coming from. yesterday we went to the new york city rescue mission .

>> we go every year. it's a great thing where a lot of families come and get a nice, good, hot thanksgiving meal.

>> they're brought in from the homeless shelters .

>> some of the kids are so adorable.

>> so precious.

>> and so great. they had music and --

>> he was singing away and he took over for me. i didn't sing this year.

>> real thing about this kid. this kid is sitting at a table. hi. he said have you seen evelyn . i go, evelyn ? evelyn , have you seen her? he said, who is she? she's my mom. she missed the bus. he was with his grandmother. so we're sitting there, the kid's staring at the door. then this woman walks in, and you could have died. this kid --

>> sheer joy.

>> -- hugged her waist and didn't let go. it was like one of those moments. he was such a great kid. i thought, you know, you look at a kid like that. he's beaming. dressed. he had his jacket on.

>> yeah.

>> it was very sweet.

>> i have been doing that for many, many, many years. it's an amazing organization. when i started going to that thanksgiving banquet years ago, there were no families.

>> wow.

>> it was all individuals, mostly men.

>> wow.

>> in the years since it's women, it's all --

>> families.

>> families. so many families.

>> yeah.

>> you know, etlet's just be really mindful to start taking care of people that don't have the means to take care of themselves.

>> all right. occasionally on our program we get to break news. it doesn't happen often, but every now and then something is leaked at 10:00 a.m . here is what is leaked. entertainer of the year by " entertainment weekly ," it is sandra bullock .

>> yeah. she's having a heck of a year.

>> the pictures inside are gorgeous. i'm sorry but --

>> first of all, she's drop dead beautiful . she's so talented and a nice woman.

>> i like her hair like that.

>> kind of messy. this is even a better picture. love this. love this. look how great she looks. that only took about a couple hours and about five people. we've seen her without any of that. she looks just as gorgeous.

>> she does. you know when we loved, we saw "the heat" when we went to florida. we sat with popcorn on the couch and watched "the heat." if you haven't seen that with melissa mccarthy .

>> i have not seen it.

>> let's watch a clip since we have it.

>> stop pulling my pants off.

>> jesus.

>> what?

>> what are those?

>> what? what are those?

>> stop. stop it. they're my spanx. they hold everything together.

>> why? what's popping out?

>> it went off about airing it out.

>> "gravity" made 536 million worldwide. she's having a heck of a year.

>> she is. congratulations.

>> remember what happened when she won the academy award and then her marriage imploded. then she got that beautiful little boy luis.

>> there's a new video, you guys have probably seen it. the kanye/ kim video. it's a music video of kanye west . we'll show you a clip and then we'll talk about a parody you remember where we first met? okay, i don't remember where we first met but hey admitting is the first step ain't nobody perfect and i know --

>> that's his music video with kim and him. james franco and seth roggen thought it would be hysterical and funny to pair owe did i that video in their own way.

>> you remember where we first met? okay. i don't remember where we first met but that's it and i know we got the worst rep but, hey, i ain't perfect hey, maybe we can make it to christmas

>> oh, my god!

>> oh.

>> oh, oh, oh. we can make it to the church steps

>> all right. that's so disturbing i don't even know where to start. wow.

>> kim gave it a thumbs up on twitter. she thought it was funny. nailed it.

>> kanye has yet tweeted.

>> he'll wait until he's doing a concert and he'll rant about it for 20 minutes .

>> we have a quick call out. barbara corchoran is going to be here with the curb appeal . go to our page and go there.

>> and she might choose your house and we'll give it curb appeal .

>> we have two gorgeous guys in the wings waiting.

>> matthew hussey fills you in.

>> guess who's here? rocker rick