TODAY   |  November 26, 2013

Creative holiday hairstyles for kids

Cozy Friedman, of Cozy’s Cuts for Kids, shows off some hot hairstyles for the holidays to keep your kids looking great.

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>> if your kid runs away or throws a fit at the sight of a comb or brush, we have things for them to start the holidays. she is the founder of cuts for kids. you'll show us styles parents can do at home.

>> it's all easy. it might look difficult but it's not.

>> show us how to make that wave curl.

>> she is wearing this nice, loose natural curl which is in style right now. it's so easy. you take your curling iron . you take a section of hair, maybe about an inch and a half thick. first key point is make sure you put the clamp facing you.

>> okay.

>> so you don't kink it.

>> key point is use it vertically. you pull it all the way down and this piece at the top is not hot. so you can hold it to help you. and then the last really important point is before you take it out, make sure you open it and just pull it out.

>> just pull it out.

>> then you have a nice, really natural curl.

>> beautiful. she is such a gorgeous girl. beautiful hair.

>> over here we have sarah. you're going to show us the french twist you made so beautifully here.

>> so sarah's hair has a beautiful twist. it's more formal. you can wear this with a pretty fancy dress . you can take like you're taking a ponytail and start to coil the hair in and while you do it, you pull it up. we did it in advance.

>> you're tucking it under and pulling it up so it gets that elongated twist. we did it in advance.

>> we tuck it in and pin it. that's great.

>> over here to sasha and the ribbon braid.

>> it's pretty.

>> it goes with your dress so well. this is super easy. just like you're going to make a braid you separate into three sections. we wrapped each section with ribbon and then you literally just braid the hair.

>> i love that.

>> and then you tie it at the end.

>> with the extra and then you clip it off.

>> beautiful.

>> it's great with the dress. you look gorgeous.

>> moving on to the boys. this is the popular look here. the side swept hair. this is a very cool, very natural look. all you want to do is take a little bit of styling cream which looks very natural in the hair. rub it on your hands. you want to go from underneath to give it body.

>> you look great.

>> let's get to matthew here really fast.

>> matthew, we're going to spike his hair. use a little bit of styling gel for this because it gives it a little bit more of a real style.

>> all about the product.

>> you just pull it up.

>> i'll let you do that. thanks guys and kids. thank