TODAY   |  November 26, 2013

Tough love? Dad’s ‘How to Fight a Baby’ video goes viral

One dad’s playful video called ”How to Fight a Baby” shows him tossing his infant a short distance onto his fluffy bed and pretending to grapple with him. It’s going viral, but it’s also sparking debate about how rough it’s appropriate to be with a baby.

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>> a 7-year-old to a 10 month old. and he said the first child when you have one, you're scared you don't know how to handle them. second one you just check to make sure they're still breathing and the third one you're like they're hard to kill. it's a joke. it's a joke people. it's a comedy.

>> dad's rough house a little more with their baby boys and girls .

>> i think it's good to rough house with your kids.

>> especially girls.

>> do they? the confidence building?

>> studies have said that girls really do benefit from rough housing with their dads.

>> i rough house with my boys all the time. it's wrestling in the house all the time.

>> by the way gavin if you don't think when your baby grabs hold of that beard --

>> oh, boy.

>> that hurts.

>> well at the end of the video he has like an eye patch on and he's like he got me.

>> baby always wins.

>> george geist and i do a lot of wrestling daily. we get specific characters. he said today i'm hulk hogan .

>> you're always hulk hogan aren't you?

>> yeah, he's always a bad guy .

>> because daddy likes to rip his shirt off.

>> does she share the fast nation with the wwe as you do?

>> no.

>> how does christina feel about you guys oiling up?

>> me and christina?