TODAY   |  November 26, 2013

Small businesses look to the Internet for growth

JJ Ramberg of MSNBC’s “Your Buiness” says that more and more small businesses are looking at the Internet as a new opportunity for reaching their customers.

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>> 8:54. let's check in with tamron and see what's shaking over in the orange room .

>> we're still shopping and shaking, savannah. so many people tweeted us on our #shopsmall their favorite small business as if i need an excuse to shop. and a lot of you tweeted us good things about supporting small business . how do we factor in the internet, online shopping with small business support?

>> most of these small stores have sites. you can still be in your pajamas and just shop at your local store online.

>> you're seeing a lot of small businesses participate and take advantage of online.

>> yeah. tons of promotions. stores open late and open early. you can take advantage of it.

>> you can always follow your favorite store on twitter or facebook. so it's pretty good. guys i won't put you on the spot but i know savannah and natalie love shopping. so we have a date? small business saturday.

>> oh, absolutely.

>> sure.

>> and we'll use -- if anybody wants to offer up their credit card on that couch over there, we'll take it.

>> savannah and natalie.

>> we are hard working women but we like to be pampered.

>> holiday season , so touching isn't it?

>> the gift that keeps giving.

>> i like small business . there's something about during the holiday season walking into a mom and pop shop or a small boutique. there's something intimate about that.

>> they know your name.

>> they know what you like and they're able to guide you to ideas that you might not have thought of.

>> and it's what makes communities unique are these little stores.

>> you sound like a commercial.

>> i sure do.

>> willie, what have you got?

>> coming up in the next