TODAY   |  November 26, 2013

News anchor’s rant about snow photos is hilarious

Colorado news anchor Kyle Clark was getting tired of all the photos of snow-covered patio furniture viewers were submitting, so he decided to offer a lighthearted editorial on what they could do to send more interesting photos.

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>>> about the big thanksgiving storm headed our way but before you pull out your phone and start shooting photos of early winter wonderland, an anchor at our denver station has this warning for you.

>> listen, you know i love you but it's time that we have a talk about your snow covered patio furniture . why is it every time it snows we whip out photos of our patio set while we're showing off baby photos of our kids. we live in one of the most beautiful spots on earth but we point our cameras toward the back porch. everyone is impressed you have a four piece set. we saw it at costco too. but let's be more original. we're too optimistic to live in a prison of patio sets. what a sad way to celebrate the new season. well, guess we can't sit outside on those anymore.

>> wow. all right, kyle.

>> the hilarious challenge for viewers and maybe he's looking for something like this. take a look. that's franklin, pennsylvania sent to us using the #today sunrise but you know you're in trouble when someone says you know i love you but --

>> but it's not you. it's me.