TODAY   |  November 26, 2013

Fewer high school grads mean easier college admissions

A demographic decline in the ranks of high school graduates means that college admission may get easier, and that colleges will have to raise their game to recruit desirable students.

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>> you're helping your high school senior with college applications, a process in full swing right now, it's crunch time . but here's a story that will bring welcome relief to families. getting into a new school could be easier this year. the number of students competing for spots is expected to reach a new low as the children of baby boomers get a little older.

>> okay. this is great news for students applying right now. this does not mean that the top tier fancy pants schools are flowing open the flood gates . it just means it maybe easier to get admitted to certain schools that before you might have had as your reach school. maybe you should go for it now.

>> that didn't help us any.

>> actually some of those schools competing. they're offering sweeter deals on financial aid and things to lure those students.

>> they're on campus actively recruiting those students now.