TODAY   |  November 26, 2013

Family denies not leaving tip for gay waitress

The controversy surrounding a waitress who says she did not receive a tip because she is a lesbian has grown, as the family who allegedly wrote the message on their receipt tell NBC New York they did leave a tip, and have the financial record to prove it.

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>>> is in the orange room for carson. she has new details on a story that got a lot of attention online.

>> in fact, it's one of the most read stories on the new jersey waitress dana morales was expected a tip after serving a family of four last week. except she didn't receive one because she was a lesbian. donations came pouring in with people that wanted to support her but now the family claims they did leave a tip and they are disputing her story.

>> reporter: it was a story that made national headlines. she claims a new jersey family denied her a tip earlier this month crossing out the tip amount space and writing i'm sorry because i cannot tip because i do not agree with your life style and how you live your life . now a couple that claims that was their bill says they did not write that message and they did leave a tip, wnbc interviewed the couple that asked that their faces not be shown. they say their customer copy of the check proves morales version of the story doesn't end up.

>> 100% you know that's your check?

>> yeah, i can tell it's my name under the fuzzed out name.

>> both copies of the check have the same date and time stamp but the totals are different. the couple says they left an $18 tip and even provide wnbc with the credit card stages showing the charges but morales is sticking with her story.

>> they said it's possible you made this up because this isn't their handwriting and this isn't how they left the check.

>> that's not my handwriting. i don't know, again. i don't know.

>> so morales says she is donating most of the money she received to the wounded warrior fund and here, again, these are the receipts here. you don't see carbon copies like you did back in the day. and in a statement to nbc they opened an internal investigation but in the meantime she still works there so we're ago people to go to our facebook page and weigh in on this. it's a tough one. i'm not asking you to say someone is telling the truth or not but what do you think given some of the facts that have come out and the details right now but it's tough because it's not a carbon copy . two separate receipts, the same transaction but i don't know.

>> the legal investigator in savannah wants to know about the chain of command of custody --

>> the chain of custody.

>> of the receipt.

>> maybe a third party came in and wrote that note and took the tip.

>> but here's the deal, guys, the tip is included on their credit card charge. so either someone fraudulently added money to their charge or it was there.

>> i don't know.

>> bizarre.

>> tamron, thank you for the mystery.