TODAY   |  November 26, 2013

Ugh! Poisonous snake climbs onto windshield

A red-bellied black snake slithered onto the windshield of a car, giving the passengers inside quite a scare. After a few minutes, the snake gave up on getting a free ride.

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>>> what do you do when a highly poisonous snake slithers up on your car windshield? this is the dilemma for the two australian men. the two pull over and decided what to do. take a listen.

>> i don't want to hurt him? holy [ bleep ]. holy [ bleep ].

>> watch this. i'll do it again.

>> i guess you get what all the beeping is about. that's a red bellied black snake . it curled around to the passenger side window to say hello. eventually it did give up it's attempt to get a free ride. it did slither away. they were debating too much the humane thing to do. press the windshield wiper and get out