TODAY   |  November 26, 2013

Report: No motive for Sandy Hook school shooter

A report released by the Connecticut Department of Justice provides a moment-by-moment account of the fatal school shooting in Newtown, Conn. last December, and states that a motive was still undetermined for 20-year-old Adam Lanza.

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>>> in the meantime, nearly a year after the tragedy at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut we have the most comprehensive report yet on that shooting. good morning.

>> good morning, matt. the report by the connecticut department of criminal justice gives a moment by moment account of the shooting and a detailed look at the troubled look at the life of gunman adam lanza. the only question it doesn't answer is why.

>> reporter: the report gives the best insight to the 20-year-old man that perpetrated the worst school shooting in history. it confirms adam lanza acted alone. the entire event ended with the gunman's suicide. lanza blasted his way into the school with his rifle, a walking arsenal he carried two pistols and fired 154 the more than 300 rounds of ammunition he carried. inside his home, investigators found his first victim, his mother nancy, shot in her bed with a rifle t. report states lanza had significant mental health issues that effected his ability to live a normal life and interact with others. he didn't leave his home three months prior to the shooting. garbage bags were taped over the window and his computer shows a reoccupation with mass murders including school shootings . he refused to take his medication and therapy but no one saw violent tendencies. he was eventually home schooled . lanza's mother was concerned about him. he would only communicate by e-mail though they were living in the same house. though nancy lanza was planning to buy her son a new pistol for christmas even though he disliked christmas and refused to put up a tree. his daughter was one of six adults killed along with 20 children. he read most of the report but chooses to remember lauren's bravery rather than learn any more about her killer.

>> i'm proud of my daughter that she stood there in front of 15 little kids and took the bullets. that is amazing. i'm very proud of her.

>> the full report that will be released later is several thousand pages long but he said he won't be looking for it. he wants to move ahead remembering, instead, all the good things about his daughter's life.

>> all right. thanks. our thought with the people in sandy hook and that area because that anniversary is coming up. thanks for your report.