TODAY   |  November 25, 2013

Military wives honored at NFL football game

A trio of military wives, who formed a bond while supporting their spouses, received a touching surprise during an NFL football game from the teams and their husbands.

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>> broncos game was an instant classic for those of us that stayed up for parts of the second half while fall ago sleep as well. that's not just the game. that's not the only reason.

>> this is fantastic. it also featured a ceremony to honor three military wives for their sacrifices and one very special surprise.

>> can you give a hug? can you give a hug?

>> they consider themselves family. they are all counting down the hours. they're military spouses coping with long deployment. each of their husbands are air force officers on duty overseas. raising her 19 month old son duke alone has been hard.

>> we've had some sad moments and very excited it's almost at an end.

>> with her own family in jamaica, jessica and kim are her support network.

>> it helps make it a little bit easier.

>> exactly.

>> we know that soon it will be our turn to either ask for help or give the help. so it's such a selfless sense of support for each other.

>> but those missed birthdays and holidays do take an emotional toll.

>> missing this thanksgiving, it's hard.

>> her husband has missed his son duke's first steps and his first words.

>> i know when he actually sees him and how much he has grown it's going to be --

>> expecting her husband home later today, she can't wait.

>> i see the light is very bright. i see the light at the end of the tunnel . it's almost over .

>> a moment that was even closer than she realized. during the football game the nfl and patriot teamed up to honor the trio including video messages from their husband on the jumbotron but they got the surprise of a lifetime in front of thousands of fans, their own family reunion a day early. so -- i'm about to cry -- their own husbands will return home in the coming days and it's actually --

>> that is so cool.

>> so sweet.

>> they're the best.

>> it is a sacrifice.

>> it is and when you see them and the love they share, the family bond. this is what thanksgiving is about.

>> the first steps, the first words.

>> and the lives do incredible things, especially for older officers that move their families 25 times.

>> military families.

>> willie is here. what do you have coming up next hour?

>> we have another pretty moving story ourselves. the wedding video to end all wedding videos. a woman's father died a few months before her wedding. gets an incredible surprise from her brother and her entire family. that video has gone viral. it's going to move a lot of people.

>> my goodness.

>> that coming up but first,