TODAY   |  November 25, 2013

‘Hunger Games’ is on fire at weekend box office

Entertainment Weekly’s Tim Stack fills Kathie Lee and Hoda in on the latest entertainment news, including the hot performers at the American Music Awards and the top flicks at the weekend box office, led by “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.”

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>>> we're waking you up. it's time for today's buzz and we get you caught up on all the star-studded scoop you just can't live without, apparently.

>> the music awards to gaga's latest assignment and the best at the box office . we have you covered with senior writer tim stack .

>> we love our tim. what's up?

>> nothing. how you doing?

>> you didn't like the amas last night, huh?

>> it was like i ate a bad piece of cheese and i was hallucinati hallucinating. no, tcit was just kind of weird. it was entertaining.

>> were rock stars behaving badly ?

>> it was just rock stars doing crazy, crazy performances, as usual.

>> what did you think stole it? what was the performance you thought stole it?

>> i love katy perry . i'm a katy , if you will.

>> you're on teen indicaam katy .

>> i'm on team katy . but she opened with a japanese-inspired version of a song.

>> she's not going to get some flak, you think?

>> she got a little. i think it was a ridiculous statement that someone thought this had some kind of racist tone.

>> no, she said it was one of her favorite places. this song was about jim mayer and the trip to africa that she took.

>> please explain the cat and miley cyrus .

>> i can't explain miley. honestly, this is so bizarre. also, her, like -- the hemlines. a crotch line? it's very disturbing to me. the cat freaks me out. this was like in the peak of my bad cheese moment. i really think this was it.

>> what's worse than the peak of that?

>> the thing is, she does sound amazing.

>> she's a great singer.

>> that cat freaks me out. i don't like cats in general, so i don't like them lip syncing and floating in air.

>> didn't she have a big birthday, too?

>> yeah, it was her 21st birthday over the weekend and she basically instagramed a ton of photos, most with her dogs and her in bed. instead of having -- there she is, like, happy birthday , crazy hair.

>> at least she's not showing her birthday suit .

>> she's not for once. she was basically sharing with all her animals in bed.

>> that could have been worse. she could have been in her birthday suit sharing her bed with, you know, the fleet.

>> the fleet?

>> you know. you never know. it happens.

>> how about lady gaga ? she's the new face of versace .

>> she rode in like a man horse or something, a robot horse, but she's the new face of versace and she actually wore the gown to the amas that she's wearing in the ad campaign . you can see she's sort of channelling donnatella and janice from the muppets. yes, she's the new face of versace . she even has a song on her album called "donnatella."

>> wasn't there an article saying she and her manager were splitting?

>> she and her manager left each other, but there was a story in the post that said it was over creative differences .

>> the article said, i think, there weren't enough hit songs on her cd, get back in the studio and finesse it.

>> it's a differential bum. i don't personally love it and i love gaga. it's different. it's darker. it's an odd album.

>> let's talk about the box office . "the hunger games" sequel.

>> i saw "catching fire" over the weekend. it's so good. 60 million, which is a record. it broke the previous record for a november opening.

>> do you remember how long ago we were at ew and you guys had "the hunger games" on the cover a and we said, "the hunger games"? what the heck?

>> i think one of your big stories was trendsetter.

>> yes, we're still waiting patiently.

>> i spread the buzz.

>> thank you, tim staff. we