TODAY   |  November 25, 2013

Heartwarming wedding dance goes viral

A bride, who lost her father before her wedding, received a special surprise during the father/daughter wedding dance: her brothers and grandfather sang and dance in his honor. Now, the video has gone viral and the family visits TODAY to talk about its impact.

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>>> we've all seen our fair share of wedding videos going viral but this takes the cake. it may move you to tears.

>> it certainly brought the bride to tears after an unforgettable tribute by her brother.

>> we're missing somebody pretty important this evening that would be here for the dance with his little girl . so, i decided i wanted to do something special for andrea and not only for andrea but for dad, knowing that dad would be elated to be here with us today. [ applause ]

>> so the song butterfly kisses , i sang the song for andrea and for dad. i just wanted to introduce that real quickly before a number of us dance with andrea for the song.

>> as you heard her dad passed away from pancreatic cancer earlier that year and she shares the dance with a grandfather and her brother luke and her brother nick who performed the song and her father-in-law. andrea is here now with her husband luke and her brother nick. good to see you all.

>> good to see you guys.

>> this thing came out -- you guys got married almost two years ago but it just keeps growing. are you surprised at the longevity this video has?

>> absolutely shocked. all of america apparently loved to watch me cry. no but it's about the amazing gesture and it's shocking when it keeps coming back.

>> it's still hard for you to watch the video.

>> i don't watch it. mom likes to show it a lot and i leave the room. as soon as i hear nick's voice the water works begin.

>> that was a great thing to do. you got in front of a microphone and recorded this and there was a special significance to this song, wasn't there?

>> yeah, i changed a little bit of the words at the end but the significance was our older sister kristen had actually danced with dad at her wedding years prior. so i had kind of the thought a couple of months prior to try to do something special to try to fill the void that was going to be there obviously for her special day. so i wanted to do something for her.

>> and luke , now, two years later, you are expecting.

>> we are.

>> a little natalie .

>> a little natalie .

>> yea.

>> good name choice.

>> thank you.

>> i understand you even have a nickname for her picked out.

>> what is it?

>> nat stowe.

>> we have a nat mo right here.

>> nick you need a professional career.

>> after all this, i guess --

>> people want it.

>> we'll see.

>> the funny thing is is he decided the day before i think to actually go and do it so it was a very last minute kind of thing.

>> so touching.

>> get you on the voice.

>> yeah or america's got talent. thank you all.

>> congratulations from your little natalie .