TODAY   |  November 25, 2013

Make Thanksgiving special with pumpkin pie brulee

The turkey needn’t be the only standout on your Thanksgiving table this year: Michael Chiarello demonstrates some special holiday desserts, including pumpkin pie brulee and apple clafouti.

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>>> of us will be overindulging in thanksgiving food and might as well leave room for delicious desserts.

>> michael is the owner out in the napa valley and san francisco .

>> nice to see you. glad to be back.

>> we'll make a little pumpkin pie brule.

>> this is a little pumpkin pie except i'm italian.

>> you can mix this up. now, this came up. the spices can go in.

>> right.

>> there you go.

>> traditional pumpkin spy spice. the sugars and the eggs. now, the -- we do these as individuals. willie helped me brulee these before. it cam up as one of the things, everybody has somebody in their family that eats the heart of the pie out the day of and you say who did all of this? so as i kid i figured out that you could take the crust and scoop them back in the next day.

>> you have an interesting fact about the canned pumpkin.

>> it's not pumpkin at all.

>> what?

>> every year i tried using freshed pumpkin. they're hard to peel. who is going to sit there for thousands of hours and peel all of this. it's blue hubbard squash . so butternut squash is probably your best bet if you ever want a pumpkin pie that tastes like canned pumpkin but a little bit better. you scoop them right back in. this you can do the day before. this you can mix the day before. you do a little piece of the pie, trick it with a fork. otherwise the bottom will get soggy. afterwards -- you scoop it and bake it as long as i said. it comes out and then you take the sugar and make a brulee out of it.

>> you make it in a way they might not imagine.

>> do you want to handle the fire in there.

>> get in there, al.

>> you want to do this.

>> hold it one spot there.

>> we're doing this.

>> michael, you and i are going to do the apples here.

>> right in the middle between a crepe and souffle. apples and vanilla bean . the vanilla bean is in there. i have to take it out. you're going to brown the apples. this is one of those things for thanksgiving. you get everybody up off the table. you want to eat it immediately. a little vanilla and a touch of sugar. you just pour this in.

>> right into a skillet.

>> right into a hot skillet.

>> the skillet goes into the hot pan. let this warm up just a touch. this goes in a hot pan. everybody is waiting nearby.

>> you like an audience when you cook, don't you?

>> makes it taste better.

>> this goes in the oven?

>> this goes right in the oven. he's like move it up chef.

>> yeah.

>> we'll trade this one out.

>> look at that. come on.

>> that is beautiful. how long did you stick that in the oven?

>> 12 minutes.

>> this is the fun part. take the bottom of this and pond on it. there you go.

>> beautiful.

>> that's what you get. look at this. had a little bit off the side.

>> very nice.

>> well, let's tell everybody again that is going to be on our website. the recipes are all there.

>> beautiful, right?