TODAY   |  November 25, 2013

Turkey recipes gobble up Google searches

Google technologist Daniel Sieberg presents the hottest Google searches over the weekend, including pop group One Direction and their special “1D Day,” as well as turkey recipes.

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>>> well, you all were busy online this weekend searching everything from the record breaking hunger games movie to turkey recipes.

>> danielle seaburg is here with what you were looking for.

>> let's start off with catching fire and people are excited about the new film and the trilogy.

>> $161 million from thursday to sunday. that was pretty close to the expectations or the projections we saw. didn't quite hit 175 million which i think some people thought but clearly this has become a legitimate franchise. lots of people searching for reviews about the movie and it did pretty well in the box office and with folks commenting online about it.

>> looking at projections as well out over thanksgiving.

>> yeah, internationally it's going to keep ramping up.

>> also on snl this weekend, he plays peeta in that film.

>> that's right. let's move on to 1-d as i like to call them. one direction.

>> are you a 1-d fan?

>> yeah, my kids are.

>> sure. anyway, they did a live stream event on saturday, it was 1-d-day. so they had about 750,000 fans that joined them throughout this event. they were doing some backstage stuff. riding segways and answering questions. simon cowell dropped by at one point. he's the person behind the band itself. there we answering questions and playing songs from a new album. just a lot of stuff for the fans.

>> that's really giving it to the fans.

>> it's unprecedented for a band like this to put themselves out there online for that period of time. they got a big response.

>> all right. well, miley cyrus , people can't seem to get enough of her but she is celebrating an occasion.

>> exactly. she turns 21 on saturday and her birthday weekend didn't start off so great. her home in california was actually burglarized on friday. but then, of course she performed at the american music awards last night. perhaps tame by miley cyrus standards but more risque for american music award standards. a lot of people talking about this performance and this cat. take from that what you will. but, you know --

>> do you know what the meaning of the cat is?

>> cats and the internet, they just go together like peanut butter and chocolate.

>> think for a moment. yes you do. she's in a good place too buzz wise.

>> exactly.

>> whenever she goes on stage people love to see it.

>> there's no shortage of searches around miley cyrus these days.

>> this is important. how to cook a turkey.

>> i was one of the people looking this up this weekend. it's been awhile. we saw how to do it. you can deep fry a turkey.

>> are you stuffing yours?

>> we're going to try. that was another search. stuffing recipe. you put the stuffing in. the traditional way to do it. but corn casserole, green bean casserole . some deserts. you can see a turkey of course and apple pie and pecan pie were among the top desserts that were out there.

>> great thing is you go online and watch a video.

>> there's plenty of youtube tutorial videos. i might have to rely on one of those.

>> i'm with you man.

>> only if it could just virtually show up at your house.

>> yeah.