TODAY   |  November 25, 2013

Meet the new dog that never loses its puppy face

A new hypoallergenic breed of dog called the “Cava-poo-chon,” a mix of King Charles spaniel and miniature poodle, is designed to never lose its adorable puppy face. Natalie, Willie and Al get to meet two of the designer dogs.

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>>> this monday morning, november 25th , 2013 .

>> good morning. this is finley and lexie. they're a new kind of dog. cavalier spaniel mixed with a miniature spepoodle and what people love about them is they have the eternal puppy face . they never lose that puppy look.

>> this is finley.

>> he likes scotch too.

>> he's all up in my scotch right here in the today show mug.

>> we're joking.

>> no not at all. important for responsible breeding with these dogs and to make sure that they get training early on. these dogs are a year and a half and they just discovered they come from different families but they're actually brother and sister. one from texas and one from arizona and they just met here on the show.

>> reunited.

>> we should also mention coming into the holiday a lot of people think it's a agregreat idea to bring a pet in christmas morning .

>> you have to make sure you can give it everything it needs. huge responsibility.

>> this time of year to think about rescues.

>> absolutely.

>> these are designer dogs. these cost you a lot of money. there's a lot of dogs that need homes.

>> and give love back for so many years in so