TODAY   |  November 25, 2013

Dog bakery whips up macaroons, cannoli for pups

Seven years ago, pet pastry chefs Eric and Jessica Talley created their “dream business”: a dog bakery called Bubba Rose Biscuit Company in Boonton, N.J. Now, the company is expecting to gross $2 million in sales at the end of the year.

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>>> back now at 8:47 with today's small business . as you gear up for your holiday shopping, it is important to remember the little guy. jessica and eric traded in their career seven years ago to open the bakery of their dreams. good morning to you.

>> good morning, savannah. well, this couple followed their passion to create a thriving business baking homemade sweets all inspired by a very unique clientele. peanut butter macaroons, cream filled canolis and bonbons. just looking at them is enough to bust your diet. but they're not for you. that is unless you work on all fours.

>> seven years ago pet pastry chefs eric and jessica tally opened it up.

>> we decided to on our honeymoon. in the beginning we worked out of our kitchen apartment. there's nothing you can't name. it's very simple, clean ingredients.

>> reporter: their idea was to create all natural organic treats for pets. within two years, devout customers were literally begging for more.

>> how many people work here?

>> six of us. eric and myself and four employees.

>> so six of you guys to make enough for how many stores?

>> 950.

>> when's the last time you pulled an all nighter?

>> yesterday.

>> once just a mom, pop, and pooch store, today they're competing with the big dogs . both online and in gourmet shops.

>> our gross sales will be over 2 million this year.

>> the snacks taste good too.

>> there's no liver.

>> no, these are all tasty ones.

>> that's a browny. it's got a yogurt coating on top.

>> that tastes amazing. i do. i just need a bowl of milk and i'm set.

>> reporter: with new treats always in development, they're constantly asking for customer feedback. though my focus group seemed a little distracted.

>> bark if you like the second one best. raise your paw if you like the first one? anyone like the browny? anyone?

>> we get amazing phone calls and e-mails. i get pictures of every dog's birthday celebration. i love our customers.

>> reporter: and the feeling is mutual. once customers fall in love, the only issue is they never want to leave.

>> we got to go. come on.

>> they've got clever names for some of their goodies like muddy paws, belly rub and pup cakes. they went overseas to paris, switzerland and hong kong . it's incredible to see how far they have come.

>> a great small business story.