TODAY   |  November 25, 2013

Sneak peek at the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade

The TODAY team takes a ride on some of the featured big toys that will march through NYC for this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.

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>> all right, al, thanks so much. more on our thanksgiving day festivities on the plaza. amy is the producer of the macy 's parade --

>> he's not talking.

>> i know.

>> we only gave him this much coffee today.

>> tamron has volunteered --

>> i didn't volunteer.

>> okay.

>> what is this?

>> this is one of those balloon heads, right?

>> we have developed many things in the parade that are balloon related. this is one of our balloon heads.

>> i've been called that before.

>> no. and you've got to -- why the long face.

>> that's right.

>> all right.

>> but we have tons of actors in the parades wearing these costumes and once they're all together --

>> okay.

>> how do you feel for the right side? this is created of fiberglass so i was assured it wasn't heavy.

>> stand up straight.

>> stand up straight.

>> how do they see you while they're walking?

>> we just made the parade route a straight shot.

>> okay.

>> okay tamron. let's walk over .

>> oh.

>> hold on, hold on.

>> every year you have a special group that helps.

>> yes, there's a group called first and they work building robots across the country from promoting science, technology, engineering and math and this year i have the winners of a national contest and they're going to cut the ribbon with me.

>> we have natalie.

>> natalie.

>> gnnatalie is on this rocking horse . it's been in for about 60 years. we have one of our amazing macy 's volunteers that's going to be riding this for the route. as you know, it's the life blood of the macy 's parade. i always say that the cheerleaders and the dancers -- [ inaudible ]

>> it's pretty cold sitting here.

>> i am cold -- i am told i'm the first-person to wear heels and do this.

>> very impressive.

>> i'm going to walk some more.

>> and now we've got these balloons.

>> and as if we didn't have enough balloons, we have these --

>> here we go.

>> these are new that we develop w ed where the balloons actually pedal.

>> and the nutcracker wins begin.

>> that's very cool; you do have to practice because they pull one way or the other.

>> that's very cool. thank you so much.

>> david gregory , tamron hall , natalie morales .

>> and we'll see you on thursday. happy thanksgiving.