TODAY   |  November 25, 2013

Ringo Starr reunites with teens he photographed

Six teens who were photographed by Ringo Starr at the height of Beatlemania 49 years ago reunite with the superstar and see him perform.

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>>> to something we have been following. a group of teens photographed by ringo star during the height of beatle mania. they joined us here on the plaza and over the weekend they got to meet their celebrity photographer . here's nbc's joe friar.

>> for 49 years they have been telling a tale that's tough to swallow never realizing the proof was there all along. it began when the british invasion touched down at jfk airport . sixteens skipped school and crammed into a chevy impala to witness history and it pulled along side them in a limo.

>> they would shake their heads saying are you sure? did that really happen?

>> look at this. that's beautiful.

>> reporter: most of the group had no idea that the moment was captured on film by a photographer.

>> i just happened to like to take photos and i was like i'll take a photo.

>> reporter: named ringo.

>> it wasn't a big deal . it was a lucky break .

>> reporter: ringo star is putting decade of pictures in a book of photographs with that imagine of the kids right in the center. first he wanted to know who were they and sparked a nationwide search.

>>> that photo became much bigger than i thought it ever would. i just put it in the book because it's a great shot and then suddenly in america everyone was trying to find them.

>> and sure enough, you know, my friend from boston called me and told me, he says charlie, the beatles are looking for you.

>> i know he was in the front.

>> reporter: finally this weekend in vegas, a reunion 49 years in the making.

>> i finally became a centerfold.

>> thanks for taking such a wonderful picture.

>> reporter: five of the so-called kids are still alive today.

>> i never knew you were such a gifted photographer.

>> that's a lucky shot.

>> that's amazing.

>> don't tell anybody.

>> reporter: reminiscing about a moment they never forgot.

>> this is the book and you are part of it. i thank you for that.

>> how cool is it to meet this group?

>> far out. far out.

>> reporter: outside palms casino displayed the now iconic photo along with an updated recreation taken on the "today" show plaza and inside the kids got to see ringo perform with his all star band . they also went to love, the beatles themed cirque du soleil show.

>> is this full circle for you?

>> i don't, it's a journey we are still going on.

>> reporter: a journey filled with peace and love and patience. after 49 years, no one doubts their story anymore. for today, joe friar, nbc news, las vegas .

>> coolest ever.

>> i like the recreation photo.

>> yeah.

>> coming up here we brought the excitement of the macy's thanksgiving day parade to our plaza.

>> it's cold out there but let's strike up the band , shall we? we'll have more of that but first on a monday morning, here's a