St. Jude's Cancer Research hospital

TODAY   |  November 25, 2013

St. Jude celebrates 10 years of saving lives

The St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital celebrates a decade of finding cures and saving lives on TODAY.

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>>> weather. this thanksgiving week as we have done for the last decade, we're highlighting the good works of the folks at st. jude 's memorial research hospital in memphis. i couldn't make the trip today. i was going to be down there but kerry sanders is in my stead. kerry, how's it going?

>> it's amazing here at st. jude 's research hospital, joining me is marlowe thomas and you can see there's quite a collection here celebrating ten years of success.

>> that's right.

>> in many cases these children's parents were told go home. you have a short period of time. what does this mean for you?

>> 10 years ago this very day we launched the thanksgiving program on the "today" show. it's been a guardian angel to many of these children. we did these stories of our children. 46 of them were on the "today" show. 43 of them survived. sadly three of them did not make it. but all the moms and dads really got a wake up call on the "today" show. they were told by their doctors in their local hospitals that they weren't going to make it. some had already chosen funeral music and were taking pictures of them because they had ndidn't have long. they're only working with what they new. with st. jude 's we're working with what nobody knows . this is a celebration of what we have accomplished in ten years.

>> nothing better than the celebration when you look at the face with the pictures there.

>> absolutely.

>> coming up in a little bit we'll have a little bit more and we'll meet some of the children up close and personal and tell you a little bit more about really the amazing successes and in some cases 40% of those cancers are now being cured.

>> it's also important to note that no child pays when they come to st. jude and every one comes from a different state, colorado, iowa, illinois, car california. st. jude takes care of children all over the country and the "today" show has been able to spread that word so kids all over the country can come to st. jude and be saved.

>> reason to give thanks, right savannah?

>> absolutely. we'll check back in in a couple of minutes. when it's cold out here, david dances.

>> just a little bit of that.